With our motion which was approved by the General Assembly of UNO, a motion which demanded that this Assembly should begin its normal work immediately in conformity with the Charter and its internal rules. a thing that was being hindered by the representatives of the USA and the Soviet Union, we won an important political battle of international significance against the most powerful grouping in the world today, the most reactionary grouping known in history, that of American imperialism and Soviet revisionism.

The struggle which we waged before the eyes of the whole world at UNO against these savage enemies was a difficult struggle full of traps on the part of world reaction.

We waited for the most appropriate moment to attack, because this had decisive importance, because the strength of the enemies is such that they could find a thousand and one procedural tricks to defeat our plan. For more than two months we were waiting to act, while the Americans and the Soviets had been applying their shameful decisions that one side should display strength, the other demagogy, when the two were in agreement and had divided their roles to achieve the one aim: to hinder UNO from working, to ensure that only they led it, to suppress the will of other member countries, to carry on a secret diplomacy, and to ensure that the American-Soviet diplomacy is developed, applied and co-ordinated to the detriment of the world, outside UNO. We observed all these things carefully and instructed Halim to be patient, to goad them a little from time to time. sometime over a word, sometime over a problem, so that the enemies would understand that we were hitting at them but not hard, and through our calm stand we let them think they could operate freely, although they were afraid of us.

The Americans and the Soviets came to terms, reached complete agreement, the plot was organized and made ready, the conspirators were rehearsed behind the scenes, the scenario was arranged with the people who were to act, those who were to speak, how they were to speak, how they were to vote, and then they came out in the Assembly to present their "bouquet of flowers", and receive the approval of "Madam Assembly".

Twenty-four hours earlier we gave Halim his instructions to open fire and attack, and as soon as the President of the session of the Assembly, the Ghanean Sakay, rang the bell, the eagle flew to the tribune of the Assembly of the United Nations and, as you might say, dropped the bomb.

The camp of the conspirators was taken aback and caught by great panic, while our friends, and especially the representatives of Arab and African countries, applauded Halim frantically. And our struggle continued uninterruptedly until victory was achieved. Bravo Comrade Halim!

He fought bravely. with determination, intelligence and wisdom. The United States of America bowed to our will, agreed to vote on the motion and the whole rotten plan was exposed. The Soviets voted together with the Americans and they were caught naked in bed together.

The name of Albania rang all round the world as an example of a fearless fighter against darkness. for light, for peace and for socialism. The small peoples take Albania as an example and the enslaved peoples. who are fighting, are encouraged. We must hold high the banner of Albania and our Party.



The American imperialists have landed troops in Santo Domingo where fighting is going on between the tools of the Americans who are in power and revolutionaries who support the former president Bosch. The gun-boat policy continues. The American aggressors have become quite shameless. They went there to drown in blood the revolutionary people of Santo Domingo who for decades on end suffered every kind of evil from the clique of the dictator Trujillo, a tool of the Americans.

Moscow is for "saving the lives of American and foreign citizens". All this is a bluff. Of course, the Soviet revisionists "will raise the question" in the Security Council, as usual, will deliver one or two bombastic speeches, the meeting will drag on and on, and during this period the Americans will go about their business on the island and will reach agreement with the Soviets behind the scenes. Secret diplomacy. We shall expose them, we shall make a statement and defend the Domenican people.



The positions of American imperialism are being weakened. The Americans are suffering political-military defeats everywhere and, in the first place, in South Vietnam.

Their bombardment of the DR of Vietnam did not bring them any political or military advantage. On the contrary, they suffered utter fiasco. Their blackmail was to no avail. They were unable to bring Vietnam to its knees or to help the Soviet revisionists in their constant pressure on Vietnam to bring them to the negotiation table with the Americans. The opposite occurred, the bombardments have exposed the Americans. have increased the hatred of the Vietnamese, have strengthened them and made them strengthen their defence, their resistance, their training and their war. Furthermore, these savage but fruitless bombardments have shaken the allies of the United States who have begun to speak out to criticize, to reproach it and give it advice. Within the United States of America Johnson's policy has created discontent among the public and his defeats have caused forthright bitter comments about the aggressive policy of the American President. Naturally the peoples' hatred of American imperialism has increased and those who put their trust in its "great might" have lost all hope. The Americans' brutal intervention in Santo-Domingo, their vile manoeuvres have increased the suspicions and hatred of the peoples, and especially of the peoples of South America. With all complex of barbarous actions the Americans have bitten off more than they can chew, and the lump in their throat is choking them.

The main difficulty for the Americans at present is the war in South Vietnam. There they have completely lost face, let alone their mask which was torn from them long ago. No longer can they hide behind the Vietnamese puppets, since in practice they no longer exist, neither the so-called south Vietnamese government, nor the military command or the army exist. All these have been liquidated politically, liquidated by the partisan war.

They have been reduced to mere mercenaries, so much so that even the United States of America itself no longer puts any trust in them, no longer counts on them, and keeps changing them every week. The puppet army does not exist as an army, or even as a detachment of mercenaries. It has lost any will to resist and the Americans have lost any trust they had in it and are using it only as cannon fodder, to make up numbers. So the Americans are fighting alone in Vietnam, as aggressors, as colonizers. This is the catastrophic situation they have reached. The whole world sees this. No amount of their demagogy can deceive anyone Others who had pinned their hopes on the Americans have begun to think deeply about what is in store for them. This is a great political loss for the Americans who are taking terrible punishment in the fighting with the Vietcong. They have no victories at all, nothing but defeats. They have shut themselves up in fortified centres and bases, and there they await the attacks which Vietcong is striking at them successfully, throwing them into indescribable panic. The Americans find themselves in a totally hostile country, besieged on a few fortified islands without any way of escape or rear area into which to withdraw, or rather, their only remaining escape routes ace by an, and sea and their fleet is their rear-guard. Of course, the airforce can do little against partisans, either in good or in bad weather. It is ineffective. At present, in the monsoon period, the Americans are in great panic and constantly on the defensive because the Vietcong forces are attacking them relentlessly.

American imperialism, its allies and the modern revisionists are experiencing moments of great anxiety. Any diplomatic activity has been toned down, the war in Vietnam and the defeats of the Americans have stifled them. All their attempts, individual or combined, accompanied with blackmail and intimidation are no longer of any value. Thanks to the war of the Vietcong all these attempts have failed, American imperialism has lost the war, the revisionists have been exposed, world capitalism has been weakened and the American strength shaken, its policy of blackmail has been discredited and the contradictions within world capitalism have become deeper, hence, our correct positions have been strengthened.

In this situation of failures for them, the modern revisionists, headed by the Soviet revisionists, have suffered a colossal defeat, especially in regard to their "peacefull coexistence", the world without arms etc., friendship with "the peace-loving and wise American leaders".

They have helped and are helping the United States of America with all their might, and time and again Johnson thanks them, smiles at them, rounds them up and makes proposals to them about the extension of the collaboration between them, and never "gets angry" but adopts a stand of "Olympian" indifference or even benevolence when Pravda prints some "rude words" about "American madmen". Johnson knows very well that the Soviet revisionists do this not from choice but from necessity, indeed they undoubtedly have an agreement with the Americans about this, since it is not in the interest of either side to expose themselves totally and simultaneously. It is necessary to both that one should attack from outside while the other undermines from within, through demagogy, to achieve the same result. The two sides, the American imperialists and the Soviet revisionists, are agreed on this.

Thus in all the fields of diplomacy the Soviet revisionists have kept quiet in order to avoid causing embarrassment for their American partners; they do not raise any problems and when they do say a few words on some issue they do this to serve their one-sided intensive demagogy about "the war for the defence of Vietnam".

Wherever the peoples are fighting for the consolidation of the struggle against American imperialism, for its exposure, for the strengthening of the anti-imperialist alliance, the Soviet revisionists and their friends are there to fight against them, to sabotage them, to present their revisionist, pro-imperialist theses. The Soviet, the Titoite and other modern revisionists, together with the reactionaries, have become the cutting edge of the sword of American imperialism, they are the fifth column, its most qualified secret agency.

In this direction and in this context a fierce struggle is being waged with the Soviet revisionists and the reactionaries over the 2nd Afro-Asian Conference, which is to be held at the end of this month in Algiers. The aim of the Soviets and the Americans is to sabotage it. They have set all the wheels in motion to ensure that the Soviets take part in it, are admitted as observers. and to prevent many of those who have the right to take part from participating in this conference.

All those who side with the Americans are trying to take part and. if possible, to issue revisionist declarations.

The countries that are under the influence of France say that they will not take part in it, and are allegedly staying neutral, neither on one side nor on the other. De Gaulle is pursuing the policy of intermediary between the United States of America and China. All the allegedly neutral states of these two continents are using this meeting to obtain credits and immediate political advantages, therefore, they swing sometimes in one direction and sometimes in another. We shall see how the situation develops, but we shall fight.

The policy of French capital is, so to say, more active. In these circumstances, De Gaulle continues to create embarrassments for the Americans, to oppose them, to attack them, sometimes politically sometimes economically, and in particular is making efforts to wean Bonn away from them. But here, of course, France meets great resistance, because Bonn itself wants to dominate in Europe, indeed to dominate France, and is still greatly interested in remaining, even if temporarily, on the side of the United States of America. De Gaulle, naturally, is trying to mirror Bonn's desires, by exerting pressure on the Soviets so that they give way over the German Democratic Republic, extract concessions from it for the Federal Republic of Germany in order to wean it away more easily from the United States of America. De Gaulle is making many attempts to link up with the revisionist countries of Europe and extend the economic and political influence of French capital there with a number of objectives in view: to strengthen the influence of France, to weaken the influence of the United States of America, to weaken the links of the latter with the Soviet Union, to encircle the German Democratic Republic and force it to capitulate in favour of Bonn and the French hegemony in Europe.

The Soviet revisionists are flirting in several directions: they are with the United States of America, and mainly with it, and at the same time they are smiling at De Gaulle and are also trying to make deals with the Germans. Apart from sensational political acts, which for the time being they have toned down, the Soviets and all their comrades and friends in Europe have plunged up to their waists into trade deals, "cultural exchanges," credits, degeneration, etc., etc. Everything is moving towards close, all-round alliances with world capitalism. This seems to be a quiet phase on the surface, but it is full of hidden contradictions and terrible fights among various capitalists (the revisionists are capitalists), which will erupt in open conflicts and wars between them. The political and ideological stand and the military-economic preparation of the socialist countries are an insurmountable obstacle for them, and their heroic, unflinching, dauntless, resolute and consistent struggle will cause the capitalist states great defeats, expose them, and finally destroy them.

The revisionist countries are experiencing a very grave ideological, political, economic and military crisis; likewise, the revisionist parties of the capitalist countries. The Italian Communist Party is degenerating completely, the French Communist Party is decomposing, the others are following the same course. Meanwhile the Marxist-Leninist parties are growing stronger and are in complete unity. We have economic successes and complete unity within the Party and between the Party and the people. This shows that we are on the correct course and will defeat our enemies, no matter how great their number, however they present themselves and whatever weapons they possess. Our strength is unconquerable. Everything is proceeding in favour of Marxism-Leninism, in favour of the revolution, socialism and communism.



Notes (These notes were used for the article The 2nd Afro-Asian ,Conference - a Heavy Blow Against Imperialism and Its Collaborators (Zeri i popullit, June 19, 1965))

The expansionist aims of the American imperialists and the new Soviet revisionist imperialists, who disguise themselves under a phoney communist cloak. for spheres of influence and exploitation are combined and intermingled in Asia and Africa.

Their true aim of economic and political exploitation is manifested in different aspects. The United States of America attacks with fire and dollars, while the Soviet revisionists with cunning, rubles, lies and demagogy.

The aim common to both of them is to work against and stamp out revolutions, to oppress the peoples, to distort the idea of socialism and to combat the genuine revolutionary forces of these continents.

We must develop these theses:

- Who interferes in the internal affairs of the peoples.

- What do we and the imperialist-revisionists mean by freedom, independence and sovereignty.

- What is meant with our alleged isolation which the imperialists and revisionists claim exists and what do we mean with the struggle for the isolation of our enemies.

We must develop these theses, linking them with the example of our struggle and with the direction that the struggle of the peoples of Asia and Africa should take, especially after the forthcoming meeting in Algiers.

These theses should have as their objective our struggle to prevent the participation of the Soviet revisionists in the Algiers meeting, and to arouse awareness of the need for resistance by the Afro-Asian states which are wavering and being subjected to every sort of pressure by the imperialists-revisionists.



Addition to the speech of our delegation at UNO

I read the speech which the head of our delegation will deliver at this year's session of the General Assembly of UNO. I instructed that the following piece should be added to this speech:

The concept that a small state must subject itself to a big state, that, in order to earn the right to exist in this world, a small state must blindly follow the policy the big states impose on it, that an economically weak state must subordinate itself to the economy of an economically powerful state, is inacceptable in the present epoch. The freedom, independence. sovereignty, self-determination, self-government and political decisions of any people, of any independent state, cannot permit intereference, open or disguised, in any form or in any circumstances. The big capitalist states and degenerate chauvinist leaders have never given up this policy of oppression, of political-economic blackmail, of brutal interference, of open and disguised machinations against sovereign peoples and states. They continue to fight to prolong the existence of this dirty policy, and do everything possible to pass it off as a "democratic" policy, to cover it up with pseudo-peaceful, pseudo-humanitarian slogans and cloak it with the mantle of pseudo-peaceful coexistence. This policy conceals in itself their political and economic aggression, blackmail and pressures, it conceals their armed interventions, prepares for war and endangers peace.

When these states and the degenerate chauvinist leaders we mentioned above are fighting with all the means at their disposal against the freedom and independence of other peoples and states who want to live free, sovereign and independent, do not we, the small countries, have. the right and duty to fight with the greatest determination against this state of affairs which threatens us at every moment of every day? We have this right and we must boldly accomplish this vital task.

He who has right on his side is the strongest, and right is on our side. In words, in demagogy, neither the imperialists nor their partners deny us this right, but in practice they do everything possible to strangle us.

We are not against big states and big peoples as states and peoples, we are not against the American people or any other big people, but we are and will fight to the end against the servitude, the enslavement, the barbarous exploitation, the colonialism, the imperialist blackmail and war-mongering policy which the leaders and governments of those states practise.

Compared with the strength of world imperialism. the strength of the small freedom-loving countries is colossal. We must be conscious of our great strength which neither the many armaments, nor the economic strength of the imperialists are capable of withstanding. Time has proved this great truth, and it is being reconfirmed every day in life.

There are some who are afraid of the imperialist bogy, afraid of the imperialists' reprisals. afraid they will cut off their credits, afraid that the imperialists will organize plots in their countries. However, the threats, the plots and the brutal intervention, armed or not, can be coped with, all can be coped with, as they have been and are coped with every day by the peoples, by heroic, honest and courageous folk. The history of mankind, of each individual people, is a brilliant history of revolutionary battles against tyrants, invaders, blood-suckers, colonialists and imperialists.

The Albanian people are a people small in number, the Albanian state is a small state, but it has never harmed anyone, while many others have done it harm, have invaded it, have killed, burned and massacred, but have never achieved their diabolical aim of physically and spiritually oppressing and enslaving, and eliminating the Albanian people, because they fought, resisted and were not afraid even in the gravest moments of their history through the centuries. However, the example of our small people is only one among many examples in the brilliant history of the peoples who have fought for freedom, independence and sovereignty.

In fact, the governments of the USA and some other countries have not wanted and do not want to establish diplomatic relations with Albania, because it does not please them that a small people like ours should live free and independent. But this has done the Albanian state no harm. The People's Republic of Albania exists and prospers. The government of another great power, also, broke off diplomatic relations with Albania, with the aim of intimidating and oppressing us, but the Albanian people were not afraid, and the People's Republic of Albania exists and prospers.

It is customary for the enemies of our country and people to describe us as a satellite of one state or another, just as they do in general with all states which defend their freedom, sovereignty and justice, because we are a small people. Tomorrow they may go so far as to make us a satellite of the moon (!), regardless of the fact that it has no satellites. All those who have tried to trifle with the fate of the Albanian people and the People's Republic of Albania, those who have tried to impose their treacherous and enslaving views through hypocritical friendship, have been put in their place by the Albanian people.

Through its correct peaceful policy the new Albania, which maintains and develops friendly relations with many states of the world on the basis of the principles of equality, non-interference and reciprocal respect, has earned the right to speak freely in this Assembly, to express its opinion openly and without kidgloves, regardless of the fact that this does not please the representatives of the USA and some others. It is quite certain that, irrespective of the forms of regimes, Albania enjoys your sympathy, honoured representatives of the majority of the states of the world. Herein lies the great strength of small Albania. We are different states with different regimes. On many questions we may not, and do not, have identical opinions, but in regard to what I said above, you and the peoples whom you represent, in your hearts and sound reasoning agree that we have no great differences. This is the basis of the unity and the sincere collaboration of the People's Republic of Albania with your states and governments in struggle over the major problems which are concerning all mankind, against world imperialism, against predatory imperialist war, for a peace in equality and justice.

Loyal to these principles and its policy of peaceful friendship amongst peoples, of solidarity and support for revolutionary and liberation movements and peaceful coexistence between states with different social systems, the People's Republic of Albania unites its efforts with those of other peace-loving states to remove the threat of a new world war, to smash the aggressive policy of American imperialism, to completely liquidate colonialism and to solve the great international problems in the interests of peace, freedom and national independence, democracy and social progress.



Today the newspaper Zeri i popullit carried an article with the title "Collaboration with American imperialism for world domination - the general line of the Soviet revisionist leadership" (Published in: Enver Hoxha, Works, vol. 30, Alb. ed., "8 Nentori" Publishing House, Tirana 1979, p. 309). In this article we deal mainly with some questions which have to do with the secret and open Soviet-American collaboration, one year after the fall of the arch-revisionist Khrushchev.

- Since its advent to power, the new Soviet leadership has implemented the Khrushchevite policy of rapprochement and collaboration with American imperialism more persistently, by continually establishing collaboration with it in new fields.

- At present it can be said and defined with precision that the general line of the Khrushchevite revisionists is Soviet-American collaboration for the domination of two powers in the world. The joint imperialist-revisionist efforts for domination by the two great powers have now assumed a more than concrete character. They are now in a common front against revolutionary movements in various regions of the world, together they are fighting and undermining socialism, together they are helping the reactionaries of different countries and together trying to, create their international gendarmerie, etc.. under the flag of UNO.

- Today both the Khrushchevite revisionists and the imperialists talk about spheres of influence. about common interests in various regions of the world. about joint responsibilities for the "preservation of peace", about the special responsibilities of the two great powers, about their special missions, etc., etc. Both sides are making great efforts to convince or compel others to accept the concept and practice that "all the current international problems can and must be solved only within the framework of Soviet-American relations and collaboration"

- The rapprochement with American imperialism, which Khrushchev began, has been continued by the new Soviet leaders with the establishment of complete collaboration in all fields. For the sake of this collaboration the present Soviet leadership made deals with the United States of America over the violation of the rights and future of the German Democratic Republic, is sabotaging the glorious liberation struggle of the Vietnamese people, etc

- Today there are no important international questions about which, irrespective of the demagogical stands that might be taken for political expediency, there is no prior Soviet-American agreement, on which they have not held talks and co-ordinated the tactics to be followed. The UNO is a very clear example. At UNO the imperialist and the revisionist actors play the roles they have learnt by heart before the performance, just as in a theatre. During the play they sometimes get angry, sometimes become gentle, they shout and smile, but as in every farce it all ends peacefully and they shake hands with each other.

- The existence of a great imperialist-revisionist Plot against socialism, international security and peace is a fact that is clearly obvious and no demagogy can cover' it up.



In Tashkent the Soviet revisionists and the American imperialists jointly are staging a diplomatic comedy which they describe as "a top level meeting".

The Soviet revisionists invited Lal Bahadur of India and Ayub Khan of Pakistan to Tashkent to make peace between them. Hence, the essence of the comedy is the tragedy caused by the Indian aggression (in September 5, 1965) against Pakistan, an attack hatched up openly and indirectly by the Americans and the Soviet revisionists against Pakistan which maintained friendly relations with China. However, this plot failed. Pakistan resisted the aggression which was turning into a defeat for those who organized and launched it.

All the endeavours and manoeuvres of the imperialists and revisionists to close this wound which remains permanently open, are well-known. One of these manoeuvres is the comedy of Tashkent. American imperialism and Soviet revisionism, in agreement with each other had, without fail, to put an end, even if only temporarily and in appearance, to this India-Pakistan conflict, which was unfavourable to their plans.

Naturally, American imperialism, which is known as an inveterate aggressor and behind-the-scenes organizer of the Indian aggression, could not assume this role. It was entrusted to the Soviet revisionists, loyal friends of the Indian reactionaries, because they have been entrusted by the Americans with the filthy role of fighting socialism, fighting Marxism-Leninism, fighting the socialist countries and the Marxist-Leninist parties, and forcing the heroic people of Vietnam to their knees before the American aggressors. In order to play this role, however, the revisionists, exposed and bankrupt in the international arena, had the need for a lustre, for a diplomatic "success", even a temporary one, for this immediate contingency.

The Americans and the Soviets had the Indian reactionaries in the bag. This is a fact, therefore, it was Ayub Khan that had to be brought into line, and Johnson did this. Johnson summoned Ayub Khan to Washington and put the cap on him, telling him to go to Tashkent. The propaganda was organized in such a way as to give the impression that this "useless" conference would yield no results, that this would be a defeat for the Soviet Union, etc., etc. This pessimistic refrain was kept up until the final day of the meeting, and at the very last minute, the "bouquet" was presented, the astonishing "success" was achieved: India and Pakistan reached agreement and this miracle was brought about by the Soviet revisionists, the revisionist diplomacy "triumphed", hence, great publicity for all their filthy ideological and political baggage. But the bluff and the comedy was so clumsy and the publicity about the success so obviously false that Lal Bahadur Shastri collapsed on the spot and died in the arms of Kosygin at the time when the champagne glasses were being raised to the "success" which had been achieved.

Thus, the "comedy" of Tashkent ended with a death. The American aggression will end with a death, too; and the Khrushchevite revisionists and their allies will end with their political and ideological death, as well.



The treacherous Soviet revisionists have got themselves into an impasse. Their great betrayal is putting the Soviet Union and world peace in a dangerous situation.

The Soviet revisionists are acting as imperialists and the title communist they give themselves is a mask. Together with the Americans, the Soviet revisionists are trying to dominate the world and the peoples. Both of them are trying to fight communism (this unites them), both are trying to establish their own hegemony (this divides them).

With their ideology the Soviet revisionists have assumed the role of the "last of the Mohicans" in order to "defeat" communism, and American imperialism is helping them with its sword.

The American hegemonic policy is aimed at intimidating the peoples who are fighting against it for freedom but, in fact, it is frightening its capitalist partners, who are struggling to escape from its strangling grip. The Soviet hegemony is less frightening to the Americans' partners who are fighting under the disguise of American allies in order to gain their lost strength especially in Europe , and thus become prepotent powers.

Soviet revisionist imperialism, although a great power, is and will remain incapable of matching American imperialism in the economic field. therefore, in order to counterbalance this handicap (English in the original), the Soviets are trying to strengthen their nuclear potential and, together with the United States of America, to retain their monopoly of nuclear strength. Hence, the purpose of the Soviet nuclear potential is not to preserve the peace, but to preserve the balance of power with the United States of America as a temporary means of blackmail until it recovers economically. Therefore, this is fraught with the great danger of a nuclear war.

In order to weaken and make the Soviet Union more and more dependent on it, while waging an armed struggle against the freedom of the peoples (and in this direction it is waging a relentless struggle to strangle the Soviet Union and its partners), American imperialism is endeavouring, particularly in Europe, to arm Bonn Germany with nuclear weapons in order to have it as a strong partner against the Soviet Union and, eventually, also against France, which is pursuing an anti-American and anti NATO policy, a thing which has become disturbing to the American hegemony in Europe and could become even more so.

Having set out on this anti-American course, capitalist France, while fighting against its isolation is, of course, awaiting a more favorable moment to separate Bonn from the United States of America so that, if not alone, the two of them together, can rule Europe. In order to achieve this, France, of course, is smiling at the Soviet Union, trying to revive the old alliances in order to change the balance of power in Europe; France is trying to increase the influence of its former policy in the countries of East Europe: Poland, Rumania, Bulgaria. With such a policy France aims to blackmail Bonn and to threaten the United States of America and to create a mirage for the Soviet Union.

While maintaining their "good relationa" as lackeys with the American leaders, smiling at France and signing agreements both with it and with Japan (with the latter for two aims, against China and to neutralize the policy of the United States of America with Japan to some extent), those allegedly clever politicians, the Soviet leaders, will not fail to exert some kind of blackmail on the United States of America to reduce the great pressure it exerts on the Soviet Union.

These sinister aims of the revisionist traitors are, of course, achieved at the expense of their allies, the European revisionists, whom the Soviets regard simply as pawns in the game of chess.

But here, too, as the traitors they are, they prove they are short-sighted, because the other European revisionists want to sell their Homeland for the highest price and will sell it to whoever bids the most. Therefore, there is no doubt that we shall see great contradictions and friction among the revisionists, as well as between them and the various imperialists, and this will certainly lead to a struggle for hegemony, for domination. With each passing day the peoples will see the danger of this betrayal more clearly and will rise in revolution.

This will be the final war. Marxism-Leninism, socialism, will triumph through struggle, with great sacrifices, but they will win. The Party of Labour of Albania is proud of the glorious struggle it is waging and will continue to wage until victory, on the road of Marxism-Leninism.



The first reading of the short excerpts from Brezhnev's report to the 23rd Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union issued by the TASS news agency gives the impression that it is a report with no meat in it, a wishy-washy report, devoid of personality and quite unconvincing on the problems it tries to raise. From this we may draw some conclusions:

1) The presentation of problems in such a way as has been done in this report, means further emphasis on the "cristian" policy of peaceful coexistence.

2) Further departure from Khrushchev's methods of boastful arrogance and rodomontade (bluster (French in the original)) in regard to us and, naturally, in regard to the Americans.

3) Hardly a word addressed to us and the other Marxist-Leninist parties, apart from a hypocritical "sermon" about unity.

4) In regard to the American imperialists some harmless "pricks" in the elephant's rump, while the tone of the entire report opens brilliant prospects for fruitful Soviet-American collaboration. The only "flaw" in this idyllic tableau is the war in Vietnam. Once that is over, and this emerges from the report, Soviet-American relations will advance. But in fact they are advancing even without the ending of this aggression.

5) In regard to the other imperialists. a policy giving them hope, naturally under the American umbrella; the most eulogistic phrases about Gaullist France, for the interests of the moment; less so about Britain; some "tear", gas bombs for Bonn and brilliant perspectives for Japan in a somewhat muted tone, but rising to a crescendo on selling the riches of Siberia.

6) With the European revisionist allies, apparently "milk and honey", "complete unity" as never before and this, of course, to conceal the major political, economic quarrels with them over questions of prestige, over their subjection to Soviet influence and plunder, over troop deployments etc., etc., which are undermining their ideological "alliance".

7) With the Vietnamese, the Koreans, and the Rumanians the Soviet revisionists seem to be behaving with caution, to avoid breaking the cracked cup completely. They are behaving as towards a patient who has reached the stage of convalescence and they are waiting till they cast the dice and cross the "Rubicon" completely.

8) In regard to the internal situation, from the report it can be deduced that the economy is in decline, the organization in every field is taking a downward course, that they are moving towards Titoite self-administration, rather cautiously until the situation has deteriorated .completely and then they can make the great leap into the capitalist abyss without any hesitation.

Some mild perfunctory criticism of people of the Sinyarsky ilk and no criticism at all, even formal criticism, of Khrushchev, but on the contrary, complete affirmation of the line of the 20th and 22nd Congresses. The new Khrushchevite line without Khrushchev will be from now on.

What I read in this report convinces me that the treacherous revisionists want to imply that, "we held this Congress merely to say that we held it", hence, with wishy-washy placatory phrases, completely opportunist verbiage (French in the original) while their line remains the same as before, that is:

- Struggle against Marxism-Leninism.

- Degeneration of socialism, freedom for disruption to flourish, for the spread of revisionist ideas, as it pleases each of them, according to the place and circumstances.

- Alliance with the United States of America and the creation, as quickly as possible, of conditions for the capitulation of Vietnam.

- A new division of the world between the Soviet revisionists and the American imperialists, leaving the peoples to warm themselves in their "sunshine"

On the other hand the report leaves the clear impression that under this Soviet carpet. there are splits, internal feuds arid, contradictions which are boiling up and have found this temporary cover that does not deceive or satisfy any faction. All of them are weak, all are playing for time, trying to gain strength so that the strong can gobble up the weak.

Therefore the very moderate tone of this report indicates great internal weaknesses and opposition.

It is clear that these bland positions which the Soviet revisionists have taken have been dictated, also, by their revisionist allies who are very much afraid of the Marxist-Leninists, the polemics, and the struggle with us and, on the other hand, it is in their interest that the Soviet Union should show itself to be weak, confused and powerless, as it is, in order to strengthen their own positions and their direct alliances with the social-democrats and reactionaries of their own countries as well as with the various imperialists.

The other revisionists will advertise the 23rd Congress but, as they are well aware, this will be advertising a house with a leaky roof and rotten foundations.

It is our task to step up the struggle against them, because our positions are becoming stronger every day, while theirs are being weakened, and concrete proof of this is their Congress, a congress of traitors with fear in their bellies, because those who are holding it are hypocrites, allies of American imperialism and the international bourgeoisie.



In one of its broadcasts two weeks ago, if I am not mistaken, Radio Moscow tried to blackmail and intimidate us. Speaking about the "joint European security", it said that "Albania is endangered by NATO, which has its bases in Italy and Greece, and the fleet of the United States of America is prowling about the Mediterranean, especially now that the United States of America has changed its tactics and attitude towards China," etc. In other words, the Soviet revisionists want to tell us that now China "cannot protect you, hence you must accept our protection".

The Soviet revisionists really think like imperialists. They proved this with the plot they hatched up together with Greek reaction, with the Yugoslav Titoites and the American 6th Fleet, a plot which we uncovered at the time of the 4th Congress (Tome Sejko's plot). Therefore the stealing of our submarines by the Soviet revisionists favoured precisely the NATO forces for an aggression, towards which we never slacken our vigilance.

Likewise the Soviet revisionists are confirming our forecasts that, by inciting a co-ordinated aggression against us, the forces of the Warsaw Treaty under the pretext of the alliance would try to attack us with paratroops, who would come, allegedly as liberators, to wipe us out. But we fear neither their blackmail nor their threats. They will never catch us unawares; we have taken all the measures to fight and to win. Any adventure which the imperialists or their agents might hatch up against us will fail, and this will be the beginning of their catastrophe. Our heroic fight against any adventure of theirs will arouse the peoples of the world to fight the aggressors.

None of this blackmail will get anywhere with the Albanians, who, led by their heroic Party, are marching for-ward fearlessly, with the pick in one hand and the rifle in the other.



The United Nations Organization has become an arena where many intrigues are hatched up to the detriment of the peoples, where treachery, pressure, blackmail, threats, cynicism, deception and many other evil means are employed without scruple.

All these things are personified, first of all, in the American imperialists and Soviet revisionists. These two gangs of modern brigands have turned UNO into a field of intrigues to the detriment of the peoples, have made it a pseudo-juridical labyrinth of "international law", a demagogic cover for the ugly crimes of imperialists and revisionists. Effectively, the meetings of the UNO have no value, they serve only to keep up appearances, because everything is done in the corridors. At public meetings you can frequently see the Kudchenkos and the Goldbergs hurling bombastic words at one another in a stage-managed "flight", but behind the scenes, after the performance, the "enemy brothers" are all sugar and honey!

Such a tragedy was played in recent times in this organization of "united" nations over the question of the Arab-Israeli war. The Israeli aggression is already known to the whole world, and those who urged and directly aided this aggression are known, too. Likewise, the treachery of the revisionists is recognized. After stabbing the Arabs in the back, the Soviet revisionists were obliged to do what they could to enhance their lost prestige through demagogy. During the period of the Israeli aggression, all the peoples of the world saw once again the dirty face of the Soviet revisionist capitulators, saw more clearly once again that the revisionists are friends of the American imperialists. The peoples saw that the United States of America acts, attacks, enslaves, while the Soviet revisionists beat the drum to conceal the aggression under the din.

In order to compensate for the discredit which they suffered in betraying the Arabs during the Israeli aggression, the Soviet revisionists, "fuming with wrath and indignation" against Israel and the Americans, took the problem to UNO. "That is where the Americans will see what they can expect from us," trumpeted the revisionists, and "big brother" Kosygin set out for New York with all his "pots and pans", not forgetting to take along everybody, from Zhivkov to Tsedenbal. All of them are rushing to the halls of UNO like the heroes of the legends in "defence" of the unfortunate Arabs. They are sharpening their swords, but they are made of cardboard.

Kosygin jumped up and walked out of the UNO chamber, because his close friend, Johnson, was awaiting him in Glasboro (The imperialist deals between Johnson and Kosygin, arranged at this place in the United States of America, were held from 23 to 26 June, 1967). The whole affair took place in Hollybush (Building in which the Johnson-Kosygin secret meetings were held) and what an affair it was! With smiles, with handshakes between criminals, murderers and colonialists, with secret meetings tête-à-tête.

The culmination of treachery and cynicism. Colossal derision for the Arab peoples! Colossal derision for the peoples of the world! Derision for the UNO which waited for the solution to emerge from the "supreme will" of Hollybush, the star of Bethlehem. But at the United Nations Organization ion the speech of our government delegation whistled over the heads of imperialists, revisionists and aggressors like a well-aimed bullet, and by unmasking the plots of the enemies of mankind, the American imperialists and the Soviet social-imperialists, gave courage to the delegations of other small countries. Speaking with respect for small but indomitable Albania, friends and enemies said that Such a strong, courageous and forthright speech has not been heard at UNO for 20 years on end.

At UNO the Soviet revisionists capitulated politically, too. For their part, the main aim of calling the UNO meeting was so that Kosygin and Johnson would meet, while the Arab question was a matter of no importance for the Americans or for the Soviets and, in fact, it was left up in the air: the Soviets and the Americans withdrew their resolutions. The henchmen of the two great powers both brought out stale alternative resolutions, neither of which was adopted. But this was precisely the whole aim: nothing was to be solved, the question was to be dragged out and handed over to the Security Council. During this period the Americans strengthen and consolidate the positions won through aggression in the Middle East, and the extinguishers of revolutions, the Soviet revisionists. work on the Arabs from the other side to suppress any uprising of them against the two main colonizers.

For the moment the Arabs are defeated and stunned and, in order to save themselves from drowning, they are clutching at any twig proffered to them and are still not grasping their solid support. They see this support but time will be needed, the peoples of these countries will have to rise in order to say "Enough!" to intrigues and perfidy. We are convinced that this day will come. Our stands have had a great effect, especially in the Arab world. Everywhere the Arabs say: "You Albanians are our faithful brothers, you alone are loyal and brave friends, you are an example to us"...

The Chinese leaders know nothing about politics. Either they do not know how to apply the principles properly or they violate them deliberately. On no account should Maurer have been received in Beijing, because he is the representative of a clique of renegades and the Chinese proclaim that they are against renegades. Besides this, he proved himself an enemy of the Arabs at a time when the Chinese declare that they defend the Arab cause. He also went to Johnson and kissed his hand at a time when the Chinese say they are sworn enemies of the Americans.

However, the culmination of the Chinese political shortsightedness was achieved when, allegedly to avoid giving importance to Maurer's delegation, they gave it colossal importance in fact by not welcoming him publicly at the airport, by not publishing any report that Maurer had gone to Beijing, by shrouding this visit in mystery, at a time when everything ought to be clear and open. This is precisely what Maurer wants: let everything be shrouded in mystery, in suppositions, in order to lower the prestige of China and to imply to the world, "See, China is conspiring, too".

Such actions are suicidal for the Chinese. They must put an end as quickly as possible to this situation which is being contrived and used by the enemies. As always we shall point out to the Chinese these impermissible mistakes which they are making.



The revisionist states of Europe, with the Soviet Union at the head, are rapidly turning into capitalist regimes. The former countries of people's democracy are falling apart and linking up with the United States of America and the other capitalist countries with the aim of winning "independence" from the Soviet Union and allegedly conducting an independent policy. What was done in a somewhat disguised form at the beginning of the political disintegration and degeneration of the former countries of people's democracy, has now turned into a great and open race as to who will be first and best ensure the friendship of the imperialists.

It is very difficult for the Soviet revisionists to retain their monopoly in this process of disintegration that is occurring. They cannot keep their satellites under rein, on the one hand, and embrace imperialism, on the other hand: cannot advocate liberalism towards the West, on the one hand, and keep the other revisionists in their iron grip, on the other hand.

The modern revisionists' betrayal of Marxism-Leninism was bound to bring about the betrayal of the alliances between them, just as it is doing. The aim of American imperialism to divide and defeat the revisionist countries has been achieved and is being consolidated. This is the outcome of the Khrushchevite betrayal.

The day when deeper and bloody conflicts will burst out between the revisionists will not be long delayed. The Soviets will lose ail political and economic control over their satellites in Europe and this will also change the military alliances to their detriment.

Capital from the USA, West Germany, France, Britain and last not least from Italy has poured into the revisionist countries and is capturing key economic and political positions. This capital is carrying moral-political corruption into the former countries of people's democracy. The phrases about socialism and communism, in the mouths of revisionist cliques, are nothing but tattered disguises. Yugoslavia has been turned completely into a capitalist country and, in the international arena, Tito has become the open and unashamed Spaak of the Americans. Rumania, afraid of being left behind in the race towards degeneration, has become a battlefield for the foreign capitalist monopolies. It is proud that it is "liberating" itself from the Soviet yoke and happy that, under the thin disguise of false communist slogans, it is freely finding other partners - the USA, West Germany, France, Italy, etc. While claiming that it pays off the credits it receives with the country's great assets, Rumania boasts that it is developing economic relations with the capitalists on a reciprocal basis, while allegedly safeguarding its principles and independence.

No one can swallow such rubbish. Rumania has degenerated and will very quickly go over completely to capitalism, as Yugoslavia has done.

The example of Rumania is being followed by the Bulgarians. Of course, for the latter the roads to the West are not as free and convenient as for the Rumanians, nevertheless there are others who are teaching the Bulgarians their craft, in order to gradually break their links with the Soviet revisionists. The credits from the Soviets are insufficient for the Bulgarians who are, therefore, seeking and obtaining credits from the Germans of Bonn and from the French and have begun to talk openly about the "old traditions and links", of Bulgaria with those states. The Bulgarians are abandoning co-operation, are abandoning agriculture, and are crowding into the cities. They are "developing" industry with the credits they obtain and are producing, but they are not finding markets in which to sell their products, or the big wolves will not allow them into the monopolized markets. So, one fine morning the whole structure of Bulgaria will fall like an over-ripe fig into the clutches of foreign capitalists.

Czechoslovakia has opened the throttle wide and is making deals with the capitalists, especially with Bonn, and if Bonn rejects the Munich agreement, then even those few links that still exist between Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union will be broken off. Poland, likewise, is waiting only for official recognition of the Oder-Neisse border by Bonn, before leaving the Soviets in the lurch even worse than it has done already.

All these traitors swear black and blue that They are defending the German Democratic Republic, but in reality all of them are digging its grave. For its part, Democratic Germany is not lagging behind the other revisionist countries: it has developed extensive economic links with Bonn. Tomorrow this will bring political links, and the union of the two Germanies on the capitalist road.

But there is a good and had side to everything. All this will lead to stern conflicts. The peoples will rise because everything will be done at their expense. The revolution is certain to mature and will break out. Blood will be shed. However, nothing is won without struggle and sacrifices.



Notes (These notes, some of them updated, were used for all article in the newspaper Zeri i popullit under the title ,A deep and all-round crisis is shaking the capitalist world" on March 31. 1968)

The general political and economic crisis of the world capitalist system is getting deeper. This is due to the revolutionary impetus of the peoples, the revolutionary struggle, armed or in other forms, which has broken out everywhere, to the heroic struggle of the Vietnamese people. to the national liberation armed struggle of the peoples against American imperialism and its lackey allies, etc. The principled, revolutionary stand of our Party and the Marxist-Leninist parties against imperialism and revisionism has played a major role in making this crisis ever deeper, so that it is becoming more severe and will assume catastrophic proportions for American imperialism and the other capitalist states. All this will cause even graver crises in the Soviet Union and the other revisionist

countries, too.

As it presents itself today, this crisis is many-sided and caused by profoundly antagonistic political, economic, social and military contradict ions. The symptoms of it have long been apparent in the main capitalist and revisionist countries.

The hegemonic and aggressive aims of American imperialism in the political, economic and military fields constitute one of the main causes of the grave crisis which has beset the capitalist world. The pact-making mania of Dulles. reinforced by that of Kennedy and now by that of Johnson and supported by the betrayal of the Khrushchevite revisionists, could not withstand the revolutionary impetus of the peoples and their struggle for liberation. American imperialism set up military bases and deployed, its forces in all corners of the world. This not only aroused a legitimate hatred for this aggressive gendarme and savage enemy of the freedom of the peoples, but also became a staggering burden on the American budget, loaded the American people with taxes, increased the balance of payments deficit, and caused a big inflation of the dollar, the value of which cannot be covered by gold and is being maintained with difficulty, by means of threats and political and military blackmail.

American imperialism also had to finance supplies of arms and credits, of course on savagely exploiting terms, for other cliques and hangmen of the peoples, who, with the help of the Americans, are trying to intimidate their peoples and plunder them in the interest of their boss. American imperialism grabbed the markets of the British Empire, made it economically, politically and military dependent on US imperialism. At the same time, however, it inherited the difficulties which had long been eroding that decaying empire, and this will lead to the decay of the new world empire of the Yankee fascists. All over the world, wherever the capitalists are in power, and especially where American influence and domination make themselves felt directly or indirectly, there are movements. insecurity, great instability, crises of all kinds, ranging from hunger and unemployment to open armed conflict. The peoples are rising in struggle against tyrants. The so-called allied capitalist countries clash with one another over political-economic interests. Cliques carry out putsches against cliques in order to establish fascist dictatorship, to suppress movement, strikes, democratic freedom, etc.

In the grave circumstance of the existing situation this crisis of capitalism is developing furiously. Naturally the first to be hit hard by this crisis was Britain, the weakest link in the chain of the so-called great imperialist powers. It was obliged to devaluate the pound sterling and now is allegedly restraining its decline with expedient provided by other imperialist, who, in order to ease the crisis in their own countries, are hastening to dig its grave even deeper. Although it is suffering losses as a result of this British defeat, the American patron is unable to finance the pound sterling, which will fall even further in value, and British imperialism is falling and will continued to fall into the abyss of John Bull.

French capital, which pulled its horns in time and freed itself of some American obligations and shackles (political, economic and military), fait le craneur (display pride (French in the original)) and is "stubbornly" closing the door of the European Common market to Britain and, indirectly, to the United State of America, too. For its on hegemonic interests, France is raising obstacle United State of America, Great Britain Canada and their partner in NATO. It is trying to get out of this crisis without much pain, bat it seems to meet it will not achieve this. Sooner or later capitalist France, too, will be writing in this "vicious circle" of the crisis which as the capitalist country in its grip.

What are the characteristics of this crisis?

In order to lighten the heavy burden of its colossal expenditure of financial means, material and loss of human lives, which the war against peoples, and especially the Vietnam war, is causing it, American imperialist tried without much success to draw its NATO partners and all the clique in its service, into its adventure. While staining on in NATO, the overwhelming majority of its member countries evaded the American pressure and make only and partial contribution to the NATO military expenditure, with the exception of West Germany, whose contribution is second only to that of the United State. It is true that their military budgets gobble up colossal sums which enrich the arms magnate the United State of America, first of all, but that country is interested above all, in keeping its partner obedient to it and completely under its dictate. This is this also the source of the profound contradictions within NATO, which give rise to "revolts" and splits.

France was the first to "revolt", and practically left NATO. This disease was a contagious disease for the other partner, who although not yet moving as France is doing, are squirming like fish in a net, striving to escape, in one way or a another, from the enslaving American net. Anti-American political currents are being created below the surface, if not openly, and they are manifested in various ways by demanding supplementary economics and military credits from the all-powerful Uncle Sam, by exerting political and economics pressure on it, by exporting their capital to the "underdeveloped" countries, by investing capital in the countries where the revisionist are in power and where capitalism is being fully restored. Thus, United State of America is seeing with concern that those whom it as nurtured and raised are kicking out against it.

The collapse of the pound sterling has begun and we shall see how far it will fall. In the first days and weeks the capitalist world tried to present this monetary crisis, i.e., this economic and political crisis, as an isolated phenomenon of Britain and the sterling zone. Of course, this is a bluff to conceal the fever which had gripped them all, because the sterling crisis could not be isolated from that of the dollar and other currencies which are weaker and, moreover, greatly dependent on the former two. In these conditions the gold fever began, along with the crisis of the dollar, which will cause a chain reaction of the crisis.

American imperialism was the first to sound the alarm. The bugle was blown! In order to protect the dollar, it began to make efforts to cut expenditure, to increase taxes, to reduce investments abroad, to restrict American tourism, etc. It was officially declared that there would be a cut of as much as 3 billion dollars in the aid of American imperialism for its partners all over the world and especially those in Europe.

These measures of the Lyndon Johnson administration caused alarm in the finances and budgets of Italy, Great Britain, Spain, France, the Benelux countries, the Scandinavian countries, Yugoslavia and Greece as well as in the revisionist countries, which thought that, through their treachery, they had "discovered America"! This is only the first tremor of the earthquake.

Let us take the question of American tourism. The European capitalist countries secure considerable income from this and have built up a big industry in this direction. Restriction of this source will mean crisis and unemployment, not only in this branch, but also in those branches and sectors of industry and agriculture which are closely connected with tourism. The Soviet Union and the other revisionist countries were licking their lips in anticipation of this income on the strength of which they built castles on sand with the "generous" aid of their Uncle Sam. Now they are left biting their knuckles. Hence, the economic disturbances and disappointments will increase in those countries, too.

But the crisis of tourism from the United States. the richest capitalist country, will certainly aggravate the general crisis, and will aggravate it badly, because it will reduce the number of tourists from the other capitalist countries, too. If we look at the situation in Great Britain we shall see that the belt is being tightened more and more on the people, that efforts are being made to stop the fall in the value of the pound by raising the cost of living of the masses, and there can be no thought of encouraging the development of British tourism abroad. Then imagine what will happen in Yugoslavia and elsewhere, in the countries where the revisionists are in power. where the currency brought in by tourists from capitalist countries is welcomed as something which can work miracles. Of course the wealthy will continue to enjoy their pleasures at the cost of the poor. This will result in intensified oppression and the further development of banditry and robbery in the capitalist and revisionist countries.

Now let us take the question of the reduction of the economic investments of American capital in the various countries of the world. This will have major consequences for American capital itself, which is forced to restrict the broad pasture on which it has browsed, but especially for those countries which allegedly benefited from these investments. Then what about the revisionist countries which are hungrily seeking American credits? A "beautiful" prospect is opening up for them! Their difficulties, unemployment, impoverishment and discontent will increase.

But the decrease of American investments will not be the end of the matter it will cause a chain reaction in all the capitalist and revisionist countries. The crisis will shake the world market, imports and exports and all fields of production. Great upheavals in the capitalist and revisionist countries, upheavals in the economy and in policy, with the prospect of new tensions and conflicts which may and will develop into armed clashes. New hotbeds of aggressive wars and other hotbeds of revolutionary struggles will emerge.

The USA will become a greater menace to its capitalist and revisionist partners, the contradictions between them will become even deeper, the decay of the capitalist and revisionist regimes will become even more apparent and their hegemonic, predatory, war-mongering policy will be further exposed.

For their part, the Soviet revisionists will try in their propaganda to present this as a crisis of capitalism and not of their country, as though it has escaped the crisis, etc. This is a fraud. The crisis has had them by the throat for a long time, ever since they betrayed communism and have been proceeding with big strides towards the complete restoration of the bourgeois capitalist political and economic regime. They have long been in crisis in every sector of their economy and in order to cover up their great ulcers to some extent, they are selling off the assets of the country and the toil of their people to foreign capitalists.

Because of their internal crisis, the Soviet revisionists have been unable to invest in the economies of their satellite countries. The savage squabbles within Comecon and the efforts of the former countries of people's democracy to slip from their grip confirm this. But the crisis which is threatening the capitalist world today will drive them even further down the road on which they have set out and will create great problems for them, because their regime, which has been put back on the rails of capitalism, cannot but be affected by and suffer as a result of the general crisis which has gripped the whole rotten system of world capitalism.

The leader of world capitalism, American imperialism, together with its main partner, the revisionist Soviet state, is certainly heading for deeper crises and greater upheavals. The contradictions between them are inevitable and with the exacerbation of these contradictions the revolutionary struggle of the peoples will be further stepped up and our enemies of all hues will be weakened.

The revisionist countries of Europe, also, will be in a grave crisis. The traitors in those countries will vacillate at the mercy and under the terrible pressure of the Soviet revisionists and world capitalism. They will continue to crawl on their knees to whomsoever pays them most handsomely for their betrayal. In those countries the political and ideological degeneration will increase, the corruption, poverty, exploitation. unemployment, etc., will increase, and their transformation into capitalist countries will be deepened and completed if the peoples of those countries, and first of all the working class, do not rise in struggle and revolution in order to take power into their own hands again, to re-establish the dictatorship of the proletariat and to put down the betrayal.

Thus, the situation in the world is developing in favour of the world revolution, of national liberation wars. This is in our favour. The predictions of our Party, based on objective Marxist-Leninist analyses, are being proved correct...

Our Party, will always march for-ward boldly, with heroism and maturity on its clear and enlightened revolutionary course, determined to make its contribution to this great revolutionary struggle. We shall follow the development of the crisis, the forms and directions it will take with great attention so that nothing will take us by surprise. We must try to foresee everything and always be well prepared to act in both the internal and the international planes.



Radio Prague announced the "resignation" of Novotny from his position as First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. In short, the revisionists have tipped out this revisionist and obedient lackey of the Soviet renegades. He was replaced by a Slovak, a certain Dubcek, who, they say, declared that he would continue the liberalization of the regime in economy and politics at a more rapid pace, that is, will run more quickly towards capitalism. At the same time, what has occurred in Czechoslovakia is awful exposure for the Soviet and the other revisionists. They built their plans on sand and now the edifice is collapsing.

We must continue our resolute struggle against them with even greater severity, because life is confirming all our forecasts in connection with the revisionists.

Brezhnev tossed Novotny on the rubbish heap once he had squeezed him dry and immediately sent his congratulations to Dubcek. Novotny is of no further use to him.

In his telegram, Brezhnev stressed the need to preserve the Soviet-Czechoslovak "friendship". But now this friendship will not be preserved, it will evaporate. Even the friendship between Czechs and Slovaks will be weakened, let alone that with the Soviets. And this because bourgeois nationalism and chauvinism are flourishing on both sides. Their respective capitalist interests will guide the whole policy of each side. What sort of basket of crabs will the Warsaw Treaty, Comecon and all their so called collaboration in an internationalist spirit, become?!

We shall see many scandalous things!



The circles of Bonn are preparing their revenge, preparing to establish their hegemony in Europe and their neo-colonialist expansion to other continents...

The Hitlerites established their fascist dictatorship, revived and recreated their military potential, spoke and acted against the injustices of the Treaty of Versailles, against bolshevism and against the Soviet Union. They tore up the Treaty of Versailles and with this "freed" Germany from the tutelage imposed by those who won the First World War. After the First World War, the Hitlerites inherited a Germany not all that greatly damaged by the war. In order to strangle the internal revolution, to ensure the country's recovery, to revive its industry, agriculture and finances, this bourgeois Germany relied on American imperialism, first of all. In capitalist France the British Empire saw a greater and more dangerous rival than Germany, therefor it, too, did not fail to support the revival of Germany by shutting its eyes on many occasions. Capitalist France, which triumphed in the war against Germany, emerged weaker and had not only to defend the advantages which the Treaty of Versailles gave it, but also to develop a more savage expansionist, colonialist policy and defend its old colonies which were certainly coveted by British imperialism, and especially by the United States of America, whose aid it needed during and after the war. Above all, however, the victorious capitalist powers in the First World Warsaw in Germany a power ready to and capable of launching an attack on the Soviet Union, communism and the revolution, and therefore they assisted it.

The subsequent development of events, how the war was prepared by the Hitlerites, the ups and downs it experienced, and its aims, what sort of alliances were created and what was the outcome of the Second World War, is all well-known.

After the Second World War, American imperialism became the main financier and supplier of aid for the all-round revival of the Federal Republic of Germany.

What was the aim of American imperialism in this instance? The same as after the First World War. but in new conditions, when a powerful and triumphant Soviet Union was in existence, when other socialist states had been created through struggle in Europe and the world, when Germany was divided into two parts, when France had emerged from the war exhausted, Britain triumphant but weaker, and Mussolini's Italy defeated and in ruins from every viewpoint. After the war, American imperialism, through the "Marshal Plan" and all sorts of other plans. aimed to establish American hegemony in Europe and everywhere in the world. aimed to subjugate and exploit peoples and states which put themselves under the yoke of these plans on the promise of "aid" to revive their economics ruined by the war, and to prepare a third world war against the Soviet Union and the other socialist countries. In order to achieve the main objective, in this diabolical plan. this time the United States of America came to the conclusion that the isolationist policy was no longer advantageous to it, and in those wishy-washy forms in which it was applied, was a hindrance to its great appetite for domination of the world. This time it chose the most suitable and most natural ally for American fascism, the ally which could become a powerful support base in a future war against the Soviet Union and against the socialist countries. This ally was Bonn Germany. Irrespective of the camouflage with which they were covered up, the main forces of American imperialism in Europe were concentrated on rescuing, reviving and defending the Hitlerites. The United States of America set about reviving and strengthening the industry and the economy of the Federal Republic of Germany, the building and strengthening of its war industry and the formation of the German army, and took care to equip this army with all the modern weapons in existence. And this aim was achieved. The Federal Republic of Germany became a powerful capitalist state in Europe and in NATO, in which it dominates after the Americans. The United States of America has its alliance with Bonn which it tries to preserve, because Federal Germany is the main power in Europe on which the American plans are based. In these circumstances the United States of America has great need for Bonn, while Bonn has great need for the United States of America.

What were and are the political aims of Bonn? To stabilize its power in Europe and the world. Federal Germany has not yet fully accomplished this aim, but in the present circumstances, when the revisionist traitors are in power in the Soviet Union and other countries, it has become an important and threatening power. Neither the United States of America, nor Western Europe can do anything Without it. Hence, it has become a dominant industrial economic and military factor in Western Europe. The Republic of Germany, in alliance with the United States of America, is a threat to Gaullist France, nevertheless, it protects and has as an eventual counterweight against the United States of America. The Federal Republic of Germany does not declare its opposition to Britain's entry in the European Common Market. Indeed, in principle it seeks this, but in practice it is in no hurry, because it wants to avoid losing anything from Britain's presence in this Market, to have Britain on its side and to weaken it from every point of view. West German capital is penetrating into various countries of the world and its products are threatening the markets of other capitalist and revisionist states. This is one aspect of the policy of Bonn. Thanks to this policy, it has scored major victories and continues to score fresh ones. Let us look at the other aspect, that of Bonn's policy towards the East. Bonn's first objective is to gobble up the German Democratic Republic, that is, to unite Germany under its complete domination. The Federal Republic of Germany is working intensively in this direction, but has not achieved its purpose yet.

The betrayal by the Soviet revisionists has opened to Bonn the prospect of success for its policy of gobbling up the German Democratic Republic. In this direction Bonn is employing numerous tactics, combined and coordinated with those of the United States of America, and indirectly, through the Americans, also with the Polish, Rumanian, Yugoslav and other revisionists.

One of these tactics. without relaxing its efforts of every kind, directly and in various forms, to unite the German Democratic Republic with the Federal Republic of the Germany, has to do with Bonn's efforts to outflank the German Democratic Republic, while penetrating deeply in the countries of Europe where the revisionists are ruling. Thus the Federal Republic of Germany is leaving the Halstein Doctrine in silence and is establishing diplomatic consular and economic relations with, providing short and long-term credits today to Rumania, tomorrow to Yugoslavia, the day after tomorrow to Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria, etc. Its machine has been set thoroughly in motion and has found ready clients who, by betraying socialism, have also betrayed the cause of the German Democratic Republic. Apart from Albania, all of them are betraying the German Democratic Republic. It is being isolated and is becoming a pawn in the treacherous policy of the Soviet revisionists.

This tactic of Bonn and the Americans is not only preparing the revenge, not only preparing the German-American hegemony in Europe, but also weakening the positions of the Soviet revisionist state as a capitalist state, from which they are winning away its satellite "allies" and narrowing its markets in Europe and the world. In vain the Brezhnev's met at Karlovy Vary to prepare the coming meeting at Budapest, in vain they sounded the alarm that Bonn Germany is becoming fascist. In reality, irrespective of a few forms which they retain, or a few charlatan gestures they make, the satellites of the Soviet Union are abandoning ship.

Revisionist Rumania is openly pursuing a policy of open rapprochement with Bonn. This means that Rumania does not see any danger coming from the Federal Republic of Germany. So long as Bonn says an odd, even ambiguous, word about the question of the Oder-Neisse border and the Munich Treaty, revisionist Poland and Czechoslovakia see no danger, either. But even without this being said. these revisionist states are falling into the lap of Bonn.

They will cover up this falling into the arms of the enemy with a great deal of demagogy, with the "objective needs", with the "historical needs of development" with the, need for the practical preparation of the terrain for the achievement of the "European security" etc., etc. But all this is a fraud and dust in the eyes of the innocent.

There can never be European security between the capitalists and revisionists. This "security" is a shibboleth concocted especially to hide from the Peoples the treachery of the revisionist policy, to cover up the process of its degeneration and to prepare new alliances on the basis of the new process of the state degeneration of the countries in which the revisionists rule.

In the situation created by the crisis which has broken out in the capitalist world, and which includes the revisionist states, new links and new combinations will be made. I may be wrong, but I believe that the Federal Republic of Germany will play a primary role for the exploitation of the new situations, first of all, to strengthen its positions in Europe and elsewhere, and on the other hand, for the realization of joint German-American aims. This because economically and militarily it is the most powerful capitalist state in Europe. The United States of America sought the aid of Bonn to support the dollar. It sought the aid of its other allies, too but the real significance of the request for "aid" was the forewarning that their hand-outs would be cut off. Italy, for example, gave the United States its "aid" while begging it to preserve the aggressive Atlantic Alliance, not to hinder American tourism and to continue its supply of funds for major industrial investments in Italy, especially in Southern Italy. This is what will occur with the other partners of the United States of America. too. They are obliged to tighten their belts, and make no protest about the American pressure and threats. We may see the formation of openly fascist regimes. as has occurred in several capitalist and revisionist countries. The pressure of the peoples and the revolutionaries on the ruling cliques, which will attack and suppress even those pseudo-democratic freedoms which may exist in some of these countries, will certainly build up.

Bonn and Washington will co-ordinate and intensify their work in the direction of the European countries in which the revisionists rule. These will be faced with catastrophic situations. The countless, insurmountable difficulties, which the revisionist countries are facing at present, will be increased. In Poland, Bulgaria and elsewhere prices are going sky high, and no one knows when this will end. In these countries there is great discontent, demonstrations are being held and people are being arrested en masse.

Washington and Bonn will make the most of this situation to carry the degeneration of these countries through to the end and to harness them more tightly to their chariot.

Of course, the Americans and Bonn will become more tight-fisted with their aid and credits. In order to save themselves from the threat of the people, the hungry traitors will sell everything for the hand-outs of the enemies of. their countries. The Soviet capitalist state, of course. will not sit idle, watching this drama which the betrayal of the Khrushchevites is causing. Its allies. are deserting it one by one and this marks the beginning of an isolation which will prove fatal to it. Hence, we shall see the birth and growth of profound and insurmountable contradictions and severe clashes between them, which may even reach the point of armed conflicts. This is the law of the development of the capitalist world.

The Soviet peoples and the peoples of the former countries of people's democracy of Europe, along with the peoples and revolutionaries of all countries of the world, must rise, get organized, close their ranks and fight at these moments so difficult for the capitalists and revisionists. The revisionists must be attacked and thoroughly unmasked. because this is the best way to fight imperialism which will receive powerful assistance in this crisis from its lackeys, the revisionists.



With the exception of the Rumanians, the traitor chiefs of the parties and governments of the revisionist countries of Eastern Europe, headed by those of the Soviet Union, gathered in Dresden allegedly to discuss a number of common political, economic and military problems and "completed their work" very quickly, within one day.

The communiqué which they published about this meeting was so long that it gave the impression they had worked for 15 days on end. It says that these great men have studied all the international problems, from the crisis of gold, the dollar and sterling, down to... down to uncle Remus's moustache! What frauds, what clowns they are! In fact, they discussed none of the things mentioned in the communiqué, but simply exerted pressure and blackmail on their colleague, Dubcek.

What was the nature of this pressure? We still know nothing precisely, but without doubt it was military (the threat of intervention with tanks under the pretext that the Czechoslovaks are going too far and too quickly, are damaging the interests of the "socialist" countries, endangering the German Democratic Republic, etc., etc.), economic, and much other pressure of this type. Immediately after the proceedings ended in Dresden and Dubcek returned to Prague. rumours were spread that Soviet troops were being concentrated round the borders of Czechoslovakia. This may be true, because either they must stop the "Czech illness" with tanks, a thing which will create a great scandal among the public, or it will spread to the German Democratic Republic. Then, what will they do? Will they fold their arms and allow East Germany to break away, too? If this happens, the only alternative for the Soviet leadership is to step into its grave, or to intervene in Germany, too. Therefore, because of the very tight spot they are in, intervention is a possibility. For the moment, the Soviets, the Germans and the Poles are of one opinion. But it is likely that this time they have threatened Dubcek, demanding that he does not rush matters, but restrain himself a little. In the second phase, the economic pressure will begin, because we notice that the communiqué says that a meeting of Comecon is to be held soon. We shall see how things go.

One thing is clear, the crisis of revisionism is very deep and it will become even deeper, just as we have said.



Recently I finished the article which I began to write on July 15 about the difficult situation of the Czechoslovak people. Today I added three more parts to the article, and did some re-arrangement and updating. We sent it to the newspaper Zeri i popullit to be published tomorrow under the title: "The Soviet Revisionists and Czechoslovakia". Some of the problems we deal with:

- The Czechoslovak people are going through difficult days, being threatened from within the country and from abroad. This is a result of the treachery of the Khrushchevite revisionists, the Czechoslovak revisionists, internal Czechoslovak reaction, the external revisionist coalition and the world imperialist-capitalist coalition.

- The problem of Czechoslovakia, in fact, is not so simple. Here we have to do with a major plot against a people, against a country which has an important strategic position in Europe. Czechoslovakia is the chessboard and the cliques which have gone, have come and will come are the pawns in the hands of the Soviet revisionists and American imperialism. The international mafia is operating in all directions in Czechoslovakia.

- The modern revisionists of different countries are struggling to separate themselves completely from Soviet revisionism and are forging new links, new alliances and bridges with American imperialism and world capitalism. In this direction, the greatest, most concrete and real example is set by Soviet revisionism itself, which is bound hand and foot in an endless alliance with the United States of America and world capitalism. Today this alliance dominates the capitalist-revisionist world. The two big capitalist powers are struggling to rule the world and to divide it between them into spheres of influence, while having as their primary aim the struggle against Marxism-Leninism, socialism, and the revolution. Their struggle for spheres of influence also includes the question of keeping their satellites under their thumb. Naturally, this brings about the separation of satellites from one power and their dependence on the other. Therefore, a fight between wolves is waged, with plots and intrigues to the detriment of the peoples of many countries, one .of which is the Czechoslovak people.

- Czechoslovakia, a revisionist satellite of the Soviet revisionists, is now struggling to split away from the Khrushchevites and to link up with the Americans and Western capitalism. In these efforts Czech reaction and the Czech revisionists have the aid of world capitalism.

- The Soviet, Polish and German revisionists, in the first place, then the Bulgarians to a lesser extent and the Hungarians just to say "we're in, too" - are engaged in repeated attempts to blackmail and put pressure on the Dubcek clique to make it submit to them, to remain in the fold, and so on and so forth. They accuse the Dubcek revisionist clique of all the things they themselves have done earlier and on a colossal scale. In other words they say to the Dubcek clique: "You must not have links with the United States of America, whereas we should: you should not accept credits from the capitalists, where at, we should," and so on. The Soviets have even reached the point of threatening with military intervention in Czechoslovakia under the mask of the Warsaw Pact and the alleged troop manoeuvres. And this is not the end of this brutal threat. Now thousands of "tourists" the Soviet Union and the other revisionist countries, who are in fact militarymen, are invading Czechoslovakia and, in practice, are replacing the regular armies.

- That matters between the Soviet and Czechoslovak revisionists have reached this point, does not surprise us in the least, because we know, and we have said, that gangsters settle accounts between themselves by gangster methods.

- The Warsaw Treaty, which was signed for other purposes, has become a means of attack and aggression in the hands of the Soviet revisionist gangsters against those members who do not obey the Soviet revisionists.

- The Czechoslovak crisis is not an accidental, unexpected phenomenon, nor an isolated crisis. It is part and parcel of the great crisis of modern revisionism, the epicentre of which is in the Soviet Union. This crisis is felt, also, on the outskirts of the Soviet Union, among its satellites, which want to cast off the yoke of Soviet revisionism.

- Soviet revisionism is passing through several severe crises for which it is paying dearly, and the great evil should be sought in the Khrushchevites' great betrayal, which must be destroyed with fire and revolution.



The Soviet revisionists, under the mantle of the Warsaw Treaty, have committed a military aggression against the Czechoslovak Republic and its people. This morning all Czechoslovakia found itself captive under the tracks of Soviet tanks. A typical fascist aggression without any excuse, violating international standards and laws and the clauses of the Warsaw Treaty itself.

The Soviet revisionist invaders and their allies of the Warsaw Treaty entered Czechoslovakia like thieves in the night, after they had embraced and kissed at Bratislava (Reference is to the meeting in Bratislava about which Comrade Enver Hoxha wrote the article "Defeat of the Soviet Revisionists at Bratislava", published in the newspaper Zeri i popullit, dated August 10, 1968. In his Political Diary, on August 5. 1968. among other things. he wrote, "The whole presidium of the Soviet Union went to 'Canossa' to make the last threat, never before has such a thing occurred, never before has the whole Political Bureau gone to such humiliation, but they went 'there like braggards: large-scale military exercises were being conducted in the Ukraine in order to threaten Czechoslovakia and defend the 'heroes' who travelled by train, ate on the train. had meetings and went back in the evening by train to sleep in Soviet territory and returned in the morning to Czech territory. And these shameful comings and goings went on for four days on end!... Will the Soviet revisionists accept these sensational defeats. or will they go further with their craziness and roguery? After all that has happened this seems hardly likely, but they are nothing but fascists in a very desperate situation, so they can be expected to do anything.... all the activities of the Soviet revisionists... are manoeuvres to conceal their sinister plans towards Czechoslovakia... a tactics to lull people to sleep and to provide a justification for them so that, when they return to the Czechoslovak question with acts of war, they will be able to sail to the public, 'We could do nothing else! We did everything we could. but the Czechoslovaks did not listen to us!'"), the declaration from which was proclaimed urbi et orbi (publicly (Latin in the original)) as an "historic document, which settled everything, strengthened the unity and friendships" between them, etc. We alone exposed this as a great fraud, and that is what it turned out to be. Bratislava was a smoke-screen for this aggression.

As I have said earlier, it could also have been the last chance, virtually hopeless, given to the liberal revisionist wing which thought it could come to terms with the Czech revisionists. The fact is, however, that at the Bratislava meeting and in the document which was published after it, there was no mention at all of Czechoslovakia, or of the Warsaw Letter, or of what had occurred and what was going to occur a few days later. It was just a piece of paper, an utterly unsavoury dish, which satisfied no one and deceived no one apart, of course, from the Czechs.

After the Bratislava meeting the Czechs triumphantly welcomed Tito, who strutted as the saviour of Czechoslovakia and departed from Prague full of confidence, full of boasts, with his head up and his chest out, and received a cheque for 13 million dollars from the Czechoslovak government and another for 16 million dollars from the Americans for services rendered. A few days later the Czechoslovaks welcomed Ceausescu. who posed as the "brave of the brave" He the treaty of mutual aid in which it is specifically stressed that "the two states will defend one another from any aggressor state or group of aggressor states!" Not content with defence against "one aggressor", Chaush (Chaush - corporal (Turkish), ironical shortening of Ceausescu's name) insisted on including defence against a "group of aggressors".

The Soviet, Polish, German, Hungarian and Bulgarian revisionists poured across the borders of Czechoslovakia from all directions and within the night occupied Prague, captured the Radio station, surrounded the buildings of the government, the Central Committee, Parliament, and the president, and not a shot was fired. Moreover, the Czechoslovak revisionist chiefs issued orders that the army and the people should "remain calm and peaceful".

There is no need for us to dwell on the aid from Rumania on the basis of the treaty. Far from defending others. the Rumanian revisionists are trembling with fear themselves.

Of course, we are still in the first moments and events are sure to develop.

The Soviet revisionists have committed a desperate act which will have lethal consequences for them. They have discredited themselves all-round even among their revisionist friends, because most of them are not in agreement with this brutal act which will have grave implications for them. However, the Soviet revisionists did not commit this desperate act from choice, but were driven to it by their problems. Crises, especially crises like this, which bring to light the decay of revisionist opportunism, are not in their favour but in favour of the revolution. The military must have had a finger in these events and their view has prevailed.

This whole development will exacerbate the international situation and possibly revisionist-capitalist opinion will become alarmed. The contradictions will be deepened, in the stinking swamp of peaceful coexistence. the waters will be disturbed, and the Russo-American alliance will suffer serious damage, or may even be split. World opinion, fear, and suspicions will play their role.

The revisionists everywhere will squabble and fight with one another worse than they are doing already. The revolutionary forces must rouse themselves to take ad-vantage of this situation which is greatly in our favour.

For our part, we must continue our struggle and propaganda against imperialism and revisionism with the greatest intensity.

We must take a stand immediately to condemn the aggression, to defend Czechoslovakia and the Czechoslovak people, must unmask the Soviet revisionists and the Czech revisionist capitulators and unmask imperialism and Titoism at the same time. We must tell the Czechoslovak people and the Czechoslovak revolutionary Marxist-Leninists that, if they want to live free and truly build a socialist country, their only way out is to take up arms in the revolution against the external revisionist invaders and their lackeys within the country, and against any interference of the imperialists and the Titoites. There is no other way.

The armed struggle demands the formation of a new Czechoslovak Marxist-Leninist party of the Lenin-Stalin type. Other parties which try to patch things up are useless and will not lead them on the correct course.



Yesterday the treacherous revisionist capitulationist leaders of the Czechoslovak people returned to Prague from Moscow. Statements were made and the "proclamation" of Moscow, the communiqué signed by the aggressors and their captive lackeys about the talks held between them, was published.

The Moscow "agreement" sanctions the continuation of the dictate of the Soviet imperialist leadership and the occupation and suppression of the Czechoslovak people.

The Soviet people, who are permitting another people to be oppressed, are not free themselves. Since they do not react with the force of arms against this treachery of their revisionist leaders, this must be so and nothing can alter the fact: the false slogans of Pravda which ought to be called not Pravda (truth) but Lozh (lies (Russian in the original)) do not alter it.

Moscow covered itself with shame; due to the acts of traitors it was covered with the veil of Berghof, when the new "Hacha" of Czechoslovakia. President Svoboda, signed the enslavement of his own people, just as former President Hacha did in his time.

The dictate of Moscow is the dictate of a bourgeois fascist clique which is strangling any freedom of the Czechoslovak people.

The Czech revisionists, headed by the traitors Dubcek, Svoboda, Smrkovsky and others, confirmed what we had said about them that they are traitors to the Czechoslovak people. They proved to be the most cowardly capitulators there could be among the bourgeoisie. Not only did they allow the Soviet army to occupy their country by appealing to the people and the army to remain passive when the tanks occupied the country, but even after their return from Moscow, the first words they said to their people were the same: "Remain calm, don't oppose, don't react," which in blunt terms means submit to the occupation.

The fascist Soviet army will never withdraw from Czechoslovakia voluntarily. Those who undertook this barbarous act of aggression and have discredited themselves forever did not go into Czechoslovakia in order to leave it, but in order to stay there. From now on everything in Czechoslovakia, every quisling collaborationist government, will be dictated from Moscow.

Even though they have imposed their dictate on the Czechoslovak revisionist leaders, for or the Soviet revisionists this is an irreparable defeat. This defeat will be enlarged and other defeats will follow, one after the other. The Soviet revisionists themselves know that nothing has been solved. On the contrary, the problems have become even more complicated and burdensome, both in the Soviet Union and in the international arena.

In all this tragedy it is quite obvious that the Soviet-American alliance fully accomplished its task. For the United States of America what occurred in Czechoslovakia was not the slightest cause of "concern". West Germany was not alarmed, either. After the Moscow "agreement" the spokesman of the State Department of the United States of America went so far as to declare that he was pleased that Dubcek remains in power and that "matters can be settled" between Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union. It is clear that the Soviet, had been given a free hand, just as they have given and will give the American imperialists a free hand in their aggressions against other peoples. They have divided the zones between themselves. Each of them can do as it pleases in its own zone. Indeed, the Soviets gave proof of this on the occasion of the Israeli aggression against the United Arab Republic (Egypt) and the Arab peoples and in hundreds of other cases.

The Czechoslovak people are not and will not be satisfied. They understand the great betrayal which has been perpetrated against them and they will understand this still more clearly later. They will not accept the occupation and will struggle in different ways. The fact is that, despite the betrayal by their own leaders, they are putting up an organized passive resistance against the occupiers. The Soviets did not expect such a thing, and this has staggered them and ruined their demagogic plans. It is very important for Czechoslovakia and for socialism that this resistance should continue, become stronger and go from passive to active, armed resistance. The national motive is great and the moment suitable. The Czechoslovak revolutionaries must make the most of them.

The dictate of Moscow imposed on the Czechoslovak capitulationist leadership is a terrible defeat, also. for the revisionist lackeys in all parts of the world. They "condemned" the Soviet aggression, but now the Soviets will demand that they eat their own words. What filthy traitors!! But they are utterly shameless.

We must assist the resistance of the Czechoslovak people The Czechoslovak revolutionaries have love and admiration for the correct line of our Party. They listen to Radio Tirana with the greatest attention. We must strengthen and improve our propaganda in the direction of Czechoslovakia. We have all the possibilities to do this, and we shall continue to do it in the interests of Marxism-Leninism and the proletarian revolution.



Today in the People's Assembly the deputies discussed the report which was presented yesterday "On the stand of the PRA towards the Warsaw Treaty" and supported the proposal to denounce this Treaty. The bill presented on the denunciation of the Warsaw Treaty by the People's Republic of Albania was approved unanimously by the Assembly.

The cup was full! We were outside the Warsaw Treaty de facto, but with the aggression against Czechoslovakia, this step had to be made de jure.

Our country's denunciation of and withdrawal from this Treaty is a measure of great importance and has to do, first of all, with the defence of the independence of our Homeland.



The Chinese ambassador has invited us to the reception he is going to give on September 30 on the occasion of the 19th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. I am making some preliminary notes on the speech that I might deliver at that reception.

The further degeneration of the Soviet revisionists was bound to develop in the direction of pronounced greatstate chauvinism in order to impose their will by armed force on those who are partners in ideology but disobey their orders and dictate. The pseudo-Marxist slogans and phraseology that have been in use for years on end could no longer serve to smooth over or conceal the great differences which were growing deeper.

The revisionist demagogy in policy, in ideology, in economic and cultural relations and in their military "alliance" had lost its power of action. So the wolf bared its teeth. Soviet revisionism went over to militarism of he fascist type. Now to resolve contradictions it threatens armed aggression and occupies those "allied" states which disobey its dictate. It attacked and occupied Czechoslovakia. No one can be made to believe that the Soviet revisionists. who are even more degenerate than the Czechoslovak revisionist clique of Dubcek, had the moral, political and ideological right to intervene by force of arms to establish order in the Czechoslovak Communist Party and in the Socialist Republic of Czechoslovakia at a time when they themselves are the initiators and supporters of this capitalist degeneration, when they have turned their own communist party into a revisionist party and the Soviet Union into a capitalist country. No one can believe the tale that the Soviet Union was allegedly forced to occupy the Socialist Republic of Czechoslovakia by force of arms because that country was in danger of being attacked by the imperialists, when the Soviet revisionists had reached full agreement in advance with its ally, the United States of America, over this aggression, against which the Americans did not bother to lift a finger and even Bonn Germany did not display the slightest alarm. although large Soviet forces were brought to the southern border of its territory. An astonishing situation if there were any bases for the preposterous Soviet legend about the "plot", which they are trumpeting with all their might.

Then, what compelled the Soviet revisionists go over to open aggression against Czechoslovakia, their ally in the Warsaw Treaty?

The aim of modern revisionism is the liquidation of Marxism-Leninism, the liquidation of socialist regimes and the restoration of capitalism. The aim of Soviet revisionism, in particular, is to establish its world hegemony in alliance with the United States of America under the pretext that being world superpowers they should divide up their sphere,,; of influence and rule the, world.

It is clear that the countries where the modern revisionists are in power are not only within the Soviet sphere of influence but are considered de facto, if not de jure. under direct Soviet domination.

Nevertheless, the present division of spheres of influence between the two world superpowers does not have the external or juridical features of the old classical colonialism, but those of the new colonialism. The capitalist transformation and degeneration of the Soviet Union and other revisionist countries has resulted in the creation, in each individual revisionist country, of a new bourgeoisie which aspires to and fights to establish its domination over the people, to create its own dictatorship, to have its own policy, to form new alliances with that capitalist bourgeoisie or imperialist superpower with which it is linked by tradition, affinity or interests.

This process is the main leitmotif of the struggle which modern revisionism, as a bourgeois capitalist ideology, wages against proletarian internationalism, the socialist order and Marxism-Leninism.

American imperialism, the European capitalist bourgeoisie and world reaction are taking part actively and doing everything in their power to assist this transformation towards capitalism in the Soviet Union and the other countries where the revisionists are in power, on the basis of the policy of peaceful coexistence and the Soviet-American alliance, which the Khrushchevite revisionists and their satellites have eagerly accepted and proclaimed as the only correct course.

This was the period of the lie honeymoon, of the provision of credits by world capitalism, of the building of bridges, of the much-publicized visits of statesmen of capitalist and revisionist countries, of the pouring of Western tourists. Literature, films and artists into the Soviet Union and the other revisionist countries, it was the period of uninterrupted slanders and attacks against the Party of Labour of Albania, the People's Republic of Albania and all the Marxist-Leninist parties of the world.

With their great-power chauvinist megalomania, the Khrushchevite renegades who have betrayed Marxism-Leninism, the peoples of the Soviet Union, Lenin, Stalin and the world revolution, thought that they would not only have their revisionist satellites under firm control, but would also deceive the whole world with demagogy, blackmail, and with rubles and dollars. But they achieved neither the former nor the latter. The relentless, evermounting, fierce, heroic and principled struggle of all the revolutionary Marxist-Leninist parties of the world tore the mask from them and ruined their plans. The Soviet revisionists were unable to stop the process of the political, ideological and economic disintegration of the revisionist camp. They were beset by the political crisis and ideological degeneration, polycentrism developed, while a profound economic crisis prevails everywhere in the Soviet Union and in the countries where the revisionists are in power.

Such a situation exists not only in Czechoslovakia where the crisis has erupted, but it has begun in Rumania, in Bulgaria, in Poland, in East Germany and in Hungary. Above all, this situation exists within the Soviet Union.

Thus, the threat of the splitting up of the Soviet revisionist empire comes primarily from within rather than from an imminent- imperialist military plot from outside, as the Soviets claim in order to "justify" their aggression against Czechoslovakia.

Hence, the situation is as follows: the harmony which had allegedly been established in the revisionist camp has been destroyed, the domination of the Soviet revisionists is in jeopardy and can no longer be restored through shibboleths and slogans, or through promises and blackmail, but only through the force of arms. Soviet revisionism and the revisionism of its satellite countries have passed into a new stage, the stage of a fascist military dictatorship.

The situation in the Soviet Union must be so difficult, and the oppression, the terror, the censorship, the, deportations confirm this, that the ruling revisionists have been obliged to establish the fascist military dictatorship to suppress the revolution within the Soviet Union and in the other countries where the revisionists are in power and, at the same time, to take control of the situation in all those countries manu militari under cover of the Warsaw Treaty on the pretext of the "defence of the socialist countries". They deploy Soviet forces in these countries, and the ruling cliques will either be completely obedient to the Soviets or they will be thrown out and replaced with open quislings.

This process is going on today not only in Czechoslovakia, but also in the other revisionist countries.

Of course, the actions of the Soviet revisionists cannot stop the evolution of the process of the disintegration and crisis of revisionism, let alone curb the impetus of the revolution. The revolution arid resistance in the Soviet Union. in Czechoslovakia. in the countries where the revisionists are in power and all over the world, will gain tempo, will be further crystallized and strengthened, and will enter a new qualitative stage, even more active and militant.

The eyes of the revolutionaries, the peoples and patriots will be opened even wider and they will fearlessly follow the road of struggle, the road of the l-evolution on which they are led by Marxism-Leninism, the banner of which the Marxist-Leninist parties uphold.

Likewise, the aggressive actions of the Soviets will be unable to stop the resistance of that section of the revisionist new bourgeoisie which aspires to liberation from the yoke of the Soviet bourgeoisie which is trying to establish its fascist dictatorship. It will continue its struggle in various forms and in coordination with the evermounting struggle which world imperialism and capitalism will wage against this Soviet aggressive force, which sooner or later will certainly become a threat to them, too. The great complex of contradictions between the revisionist cliques, between the various revisionist parties, and between the imperialists and the revisionists will be further extended and deepened to their detriment and to the advantage of the revolution.

Therefore, the revolutionaries must organize their struggle on two fronts, against imperialism and against revisionism. The resistance against the revisionist cliques in power has begun and is growing. In Czechoslovakia, it is neither the Czechoslovak bourgeoisie nor the revisionist clique of Dubcek-Svoboda, which capitulated to the invaders, that represent this resistance, but the working class and the working masses of the Czechoslovak people. The genuine Marxist-Leninists must place themselves at the head of this resistance. They must be clear about and never confuse the "resistance" of cliques like that of Dubcek, or anyone else like him, in Czechoslovakia, or anywhere else, with the genuine resistance and struggle of the people, of the working class, a struggle which must be organized and led by the revolutionary communists against imperialists, the foreign and internal capitalists. the Soviet revisionists, the invaders and their statellite revisionist cliques and quislings.

- We can say that now, with the occupation of Czechoslovakia, Poland, the German Democratic Republic, Hungary and Bulgaria have also been placed under a stern regime of military occupation by the Soviet imperialist-revisionists. Now Marshal Yakubovsky, the military representative of the junta of Moscow, exercises complete military-political-ideological power in these countries and visits one capital city after the other. giving directives to his occupation forces and keeping the leading cliques in terror.

- The differences between the revisionists will degenerate into open clashes at the Budapest meeting, where the fate of the Moscow meeting, which the revisionists want to hold in November, will be decided. The Party of Labour of Albania long ago foresaw the ignominious failure of this meeting. To keep some sort of order in the debates at Budapest and get the revisionist bohemia to Moscow, the Soviet leaders could do no worse than to send Marshal Yakubovsky to Budapest, together with the director of the Gosbank, in case of any eventuality.

- When the Party of Labour of Albania tore the mask from the traitor, Nikita Khrushchev, he could find no argument in rebuttal other than to slander that "the Albanian leadership has sold itself to the imperialists for 30 pieces of silver" And now when the Party of Labour of Albania and the Government of the People's Republic of Albania have denounced the Warsaw Treaty as an aggressive Treaty, once again the Khrushchevite traitors, Brezhnev, Kosygin and their lackeys, could find no argument other than to slander that "the Albanian leadership has sold Albania to imperialism."

Today in the Soviet Union, the broadcasts of Radio Moscow and the columns of the revisionist press of the Soviets, Gomulka, Zhivkov and others, are crammed with slanders. One morning, TASS and Radio Moscow which feed the radio stations of the satellite countries, too, discovered in an Italian fascist yellow newspaper called The Moon that the Albanian leadership had allegedly begun secret talks with the Western countries. Dogs bark at the moon and it is natural that they understand each other's language.

For its part, Gomulka's worthless rag revealed that "the Albanian economy has been made dependent on Italy".

Such inventions and slanders cannot sully the reputation of socialist Albania or of its leadership. The whole world understands that the Soviet Khrushchevite clique and the other revisionist ruling cliques have to use these. allegations to cast a shadow over the correct policy of the Party of Labour of Albania which shines as clear as the. light of day, enjoys the sympathy of the peoples and has their ardent support.

- The Soviet fascist militarists who have concentrated their aggressive forces in the People's Republic of Bulgaria, and the clique of Todor Zhivkov, which has allowed Bulgarian territory to be turned into a base for aggression against the peoples of the Balkans, and against. Albania in particular, can deceive no one when they say that we are lying about the presence of these troops on. Bulgarian territory; neither can the aggressive aims of the Soviet revisionists to disturb peace in the Balkans be disguised with a worthless declaration of the Bulgarian news agency, which under the Soviet dictate, can turn out as many as 20 such declarations a day. The Bratislava declaration, a declaration "solemnly" signed and sealed. on which the ink was not yet dry when the Soviet tanks rolled over it and invaded Czechoslovakia, is still fresh in the memory of the world.

We call on the fraternal Bulgarian people to be extremely vigilant and to take immediate stern measures against the new invaders of their country, who are the Soviet revisionists, and against their lackeys, the Bulgarian quislings. As true and loyal friends of the fraternal Bulgarian people, it is our duty to speak frankly and warn them that any attempt at aggression against socialist Albania from Bulgarian territory by the Soviet revisionist aggressors and their lackeys will be wiped out immediately, and victory will go to the Albanian people.



The situation in the world is developing steadily in favour of the peoples' liberation and the revolution. The imperialist world, with American imperialism at the head, and modern revisionism headed by Soviet revisionism, this new imperialism, are in a profound political, economic and military crisis. They pose as world superpowers and are trying to intimidate the world and the peoples with their weapons. with their economic power and with their intrigues. But the peoples, who are opposed to them, are the decisive force in the world. The peoples have risen, are rising, or will rise and will strike ever more devastating blows at this handful of blood-suckers, pirates and blackmailers. Proof of this can be seen in the liberation struggles on all continents, which will never be quelled. Some of these struggles seem to be suppressed, but they flare up again even more furiously. Evidence of this can be seen in the strikes and struggles of the workers and peasants in every capitalist country, in the rising tide of protests by the youth and students all over the world, who are fearlessly and ceaselessly attacking the crumbling capitalist fortress everywhere, and in the revolts of revolutionary blacks inside the citadel of American imperialism.

The revolution is advancing and there is no force which can stop it. Neither the talks and agreements at Glasboro, nor the future meetings and agreements of imperialist and revisionist chiefs, and their secret and open plans will alter matters in their favour. Everything will go against their desires and actions and in favour of the genuine freedom and independence of the peoples. New, great, sensational and final defeats are in store for the imperialists and revisionists.

You Messrs. American imperialists and Soviet revisionists are well aware that the words of the representative of a small people are not spoken in vain, here in the Assembly, and even less outside the Assembly, amongst the peoples of the world. because hundreds and hundreds of millions of others are saying what we are saying here, and we are in solidarity against you with all those millions on all continents, to the end. But even here, in the Assembly, you Messrs. American imperialists and Soviet revisionists have only the outward appearances, the façade, of most of the delegates, while we have the hearts of all those patriotic democrats of their countries to whom the great cause of the people is dear. We fight for their living hearts, you hold their corpses.

In the introduction to his annual report, the General Secretary, U Thant, made the proposal that the so-called Big Four should meet to arrange peace in the world, etc. Everyone has the right to make proposals and we do not deny this right to the General Secretary of the United Nations. But we oppose this inappropriate proposal of the General Secretary, made precisely on the eve of the opening of the General Assembly.

We ask the General Secretary: Which has the greater value, the meeting of the Assembly, or that of four of its members?

We ask the General Secretary: Why is this Assembly meeting? Is it not meeting to examine and solve the most important international problems, and does this Assembly not have the strength to control two or three powers which have trampled on the Assembly and the rights of the peoples?

Why, Mister Secretary, did you have to set the tone with the proposal which you made before opening the Assembly, that everything depends on the Four and not on the one hundred and twenty-five? Do you think, Mister General Secretary, that what the two great powers are doing in the Assembly, in the Security Council, in the corridors, at Camp David, at Glasboro, to the detriment of the Assembly and the peoples are minor matters?

We would be in agreement with you if you were to come out here and speak openly from this tribune, telling the Americans to get out of Vietnam, telling the Soviets to get out of Czechoslovakia, telling the Israeli aggressors to get out of the occupied Arab territories, and the American and Soviet imperialists to get out of their aggressive land and sea bases in foreign territories. You may say that diplomats do not speak in these terms, but the American and Soviet rifles, aircraft and tanks do not speak in diplomatic terms, either. However, there is one thing of which I am convinced, that the fraternal people of Burma, whom we love and respect, speak in the same way as we do on this question.

We who have gathered here as representatives of our respective countries call ourselves the "United Nations" In fact, we are not united, but divided.

The "United Nation" is considered universal. This is not true at all. Every year the imperialist powers do everything possible and exert disgraceful pressure to keep major nations and states of the world out of the United Nations by scandalous methods.

On the basis of the Charter, all of us present here have the right to speak as long as we like, as we like and when we like. This is the appearance, while in the case of many democratic delegates, patriots of their own countries, their hearts speak one way and their mouths another, not through any fault of theirs, not from lack of courage or firm democratic anti-imperialist beliefs, but because of the disgraceful pressure exerted by imperialists and revisionists. of America and the imperialists of the United States the Soviet revisionist imperialists dominate the "United Nation", dominate the stage and behind the scenes, not only in this chamber, but from top to bottom of the Glass Palace and wherever this organization operates.

Representatives of peoples and states speak here, make suggestions, criticize, denounce aggressors against peoples, raise problems vital to mankind. but the two imperialist powers and those who follow them in their criminal deeds make the law here and strive, although in vain, to impose their barbarous laws on the peoples of the world outside the organization, too.

Here, we listened to the speech of Dean Rusk, the representative of blood-stained American imperialism. That speech could deceive no one. Rusk defends the power or American imperialism in the world, defends the enslavement of peoples, defends cruel imperialist predatory wars. He represents the policy of blackmail and the threat of a third world war, takes into consideration only the Joint actions with the Soviet revisionists for the division of spheres of influence in the world and the preparation of a third world war undertaken jointly with the Soviet Union against the freedom-loving and sovereign peoples. Dean Rusk made the barest mention of Czechoslovakia. about which his partner in sinister actions, the foreign minister of the Soviet Union. Gromyko, did not deign to reply to him.

But what did Gromyko say? The American imperialist press described it as a speech in a very moderate tone., while the world capitalist press described it as "a conciliatory speech in a very moderate tone", while the world capitalist press described it as "a conciliatory speech".

Of course, both of them were aiming at one point: to consolidate their alliance and to calm their partners in NATO and the Warsaw Treaty, respectively. They have to create the atmosphere among their partner cliques that the Soviet-American alliance is strong; must create the feeling among them that their salvation depends solely on the greatest possible submission to the United States of America and the Soviet Union, must convince them that the danger which threatens them comes from the revolution, the peoples' national liberation struggles, the broad democratic masses of the peoples, and the powerful world proletariat.

Both before and after he spoke, Gromyko met Rusk and talked and ate with him like a friend or brother. With the greatest counter-revolutionary shamelessness he told us here in the Assembly, in other words: "You can make speeches in this hall, but Rusk and I decide everything elsewhere". And from this hall we tell Rusk and Gromyko that there are very few who believe their words, and while they may take decisions outside, the revolutionary peoples of the world will smash their plans. The peoples will triumph, socialism will triumph, imperialism and revisionism will be smashed.

The imperialists and revisionists speak many bombastic words about peace, democracy, freedom, a world without weapons, without wars.

We have the duty to raise our voice and make every honest person in the world aware that American imperialism and Soviet revisionism are preparing for a third world war. meanwhile they need limited local wars in order 10 suppress the peoples and divide their spheres of influence.

Peoples, we must be vigilant! Either we have to accept the heavy enslavement of new fascists, or we must prepare for struggle against them. The Albanian people have fought against political and social enslavement through the centuries. They are ready and armed to reply blow for blow to any aggression and to triumph over any aggressor.

Each people knows its own duty and the measures which must be taken in these threatening situations, but we are convinced that the peoples cannot be deceived by the imperialists and the revisionists, who are already armed to the teeth and continue to arm themselves. when they say, "You disarm because we are defending you." In other words, "Become our slaves, because we will defend your freedom, independence and sovereignty". This means to invite the wolf to guard your sheep.

A typical example is the speech of the representative of Czechoslovakia, the talented democratic and progressive people, which has recently been martyred by new invaders who, quite shamelessly, without even attempting to disguise the fact, make the law not only there, but even here, in this chamber. The Czechoslovak representative mounted this rostrum, concealed the feelings of his heart. and speaking with the tongue of the invader, attempted to persuade us not to speak about the rights, the freedom, the independence, the sovereignty of Czechoslovakia and socialism in that country, because the interests of the occupier, Yakubovsky, require him to do this. No! Neither Yakubovsky, nor his artillery, nor even his atomic missiles can close the mouths of us Albanians. The Albanian people will ardently defend their own rights and freedom, and those of other peoples of the world.

The two imperialist powers, the United States of America and the revisionist Soviet Union, have not only divided the world into their spheres of influence, but have co-ordinated their strategy and tactics. They are both acting intensively, wherever and as much as they can, to gain control of the world markets, to exploit peoples barbarously, to put them under their economic domination and to fleece and exploit them to the bone. This is the new colonialism. Any so-called aid or credit from them also has the character of economic and political subjugation. Any resistance by the people or their national democratic leaders is attacked with arms or suppressed by putsches hatched up by the new colonialists.

The United States of America and the revisionist Soviet Union, combine in such operations which are carried out, not only individually, but on a continental scale. The attack on the great Arab revolutionary movement was done in a combined way, with arms by the Americans and Israelis, while the Soviets stood by and watched.

Now the Soviets are allegedly assisting the Arab peoples with weapons to liberate their territories. This is a hoax. The aim of the Soviet revisionists, in agreement with the American imperialists, is to keep the progressive and revolutionary impulse of the Arab peoples under control. The Soviet Union is not a friend of the Arab peoples, but, like the American imperialists in the Near East, is striving to establish its own influence in that zone. When the Arab peoples decide to go ahead to win their legitimate rights, you may be sure that they will find themselves confronted by the Soviet revisionists, as well as by their long-standing enemies.

The Soviet revisionists, too, are imperialists. They are opposed to the unity of the Arab peoples. They have the same motto as the others: "Divide and rule". We love the Arab peoples. We know the Soviet revisionists and their aims only too well and, like the Arab leaders, we are well aware of the threats which Nikita Khrushchev made against them. They should never trust his disciples who hide the dagger under the cloak of their "aid". On the South-American continent the Soviet revisionists and their local lackeys preach co-existence with the cliques in power, while American imperialism attacks the revolution, which is seething everywhere, with weapons.

The one disarms the revolution ideologically, the other attacks it militarily.

In Vietnam the Soviet revisionists advocate shameful capitulation, while the Americans carry out bombardments day and night and are extending the war, etc.



Opinions and theses

- Today the Soviet revisionists are acting through Marshal Yakubovsky as the Americans did through Dulles in his time.

- Dulles at least was the Secretary of the American State Department and hid his aggressive military plans in his diplomat's briefcase, while Yakubovsky has displayed them on his cap, his epaulettes and the decorations which cover his chest. This commander of the Warsaw Treaty has become a roving foudre de guerre (Great warrior chief (French in the original)) who is emerging in his true colours, has become a bogey-man roaming the countries which are under the heel of the Soviet revisionists in order to threaten them militarily, to occupy them, to hatch up political-military putsches, to exert economic pressure and to obtain concessions for the ruling clique of the Kremlin.

It is characteristic especially in recent years and, in particular, before and after the occupation of Czechoslovakia, that the military men have been playing a decisive role in Soviet foreign policy, and they cannot act with methods other than military. Military blackmail is the basis of the Soviet revisionist leadership's activity, their reasoning and their solutions of any problem are based on military deductions and aggressive operations. The political. ideological and economic relations of the Soviet revisionists with their satellite allies are all based on the Warsaw Treaty, which has become the main weapon of their blackmail. "If you don't obey me willingly, I will either overthrow you with intrigues from within or set in motion the Soviet army, disguised under the label of the Warsaw Treaty, and occupy you". This, in a nutshell, is the political concept of this fascist militarist gang which is ruling in the Soviet Union. All the satellites are terrified of this threat and none of them likes it, but they have been placed in the iron grip of the Soviet leaders.

Yakubovsky is precisely the roving military envoy of the Soviets who goes from Poland to Hungary, from Hungary to Bulgaria, from Bulgaria to Czechoslovakia, from Czechoslovakia to Rumania and back again, who inspects the Soviet occupation troops, organize the network of Soviet agents in the ranks of the officers of the "allied" armies, controls the political situation in each satellite country and takes measures to exert pressure on them. It is claimed that he is engaged in the organization of "joint manoeuvres", but in reality he goes to these countries to demonstrate the Soviet force to keep the "allied" countries under its heel.

For a long time the Soviet leaders have been openly and scandalously prowling around Rumania like wild beasts. The Soviet pressure is now undisguised. "Rumania must be occupied like Czechoslovakia" - this is the aim of the Soviet revisionist gangsters. According to the Soviets, the armies of the Warsaw Treaty must be stationed in Rumania, too. just as in every other "allied" country, and of course, not the Rumanian army, but only the jackboot of the Russian muzhik can be called an army of the Warsaw Treaty. But, following its revisionist-Titoite line, Rumania is resisting. This has put the Soviets in a quandary. They both want and do not want to repeat the stale game they played in Czechoslovakia, a game which blew up in their hands and brought them such great difficulties, discredit and defeat.

To justify the occupation of Rumania, the Soviet revisionists cannot build up the legend they concocted about Czechoslovakia, alleging that it was threatened by the FR of Germany and by internal reaction. The former "excused" does not exist because Rumania does not have a common border with the FR of Germany. The latter "excuse", likewise, cannot be used, because the Rumanians are. concealing their betrayal better than the Dubcek Svoboda Czechoslovak revisionists. The Soviets' only remaining excuse for the invasion of Rumania is Titoite Yugoslavia, which is allegedly threatening Rumania, but the problem is that Yugoslavia does not have the weight of the FR of Germany and Tito not only shows no intention of becoming an "aggressor and occupier" of Rumania but, on the contrary, declares himself its ally in its resistance to the Soviets. That is why the Soviets are threatening and blackmailing Tito who is hindering them in the execution of their "Rumanian plan" quickly and with the least possible disturbance.

The Soviet revisionists want to occupy Rumania, but not by the means they used in Czechoslovakia. They want this to be done with the approval of the Rumanians, within the "orderly framework" of the Warsaw Treaty. They have occupied Bulgaria militarily and this is a fait accompli because of the betrayal of the Zhivkov clique. This occupation was accomplished on the quiet. This is what they want to do with Rumania, too, but in order to achieve this aim, they must have the Rumanian leadership, which does not obey them, under their control. They are trying to win it over through flattery, putsches, plots and all kinds of threats. Up till now they have achieved nothing, but they are working intensively in this direction.

At the same time the Soviet revisionists are playing the card of the Warsaw Treaty there, too. Their purpose in insisting on conducting military manoeuvres on Rumanian territory is obvious. They want to find an excuse to "burst through" Rumanian borders "legally", never to leave that country, and thus accomplish the occupation of all the "allied" countries and complete the "fence" around the "Warsaw" concentration camp.

But the fact is that they are encountering resistance from the Rumanians. We shall see to what extent they will resist the grip which is trying to close on them.

The international circumstances are not favourable to the Soviet revisionists for the execution of the "Rumanian plan", especially since the occupation of Czechoslovakia, therefore they have set themselves the task of pressing Rumania to affirm that it is a member of the Warsaw Treaty with all its "rights" and obligations, and, hence, should take part in all the manoeuvres which the "armies" of the Warsaw Treaty carry out in each "allied" country. Deriving from this is the other "obligation", so greatly desired by the Soviet renegades, to conduct manoeuvres on Rumanian territory, too.

To this end the bogey-man Yakubovsky is going back and forth to Bucharest, accompanied by Kuznetsov, allegedly the political representative of the czars of the Kremlin. This is the chessboard on which the pieces are being moved.

Recently the Soviets contrived the absurd military exercises in Berlin allegedly to prevent the visit of the president of the FR of Germany to the western sector of Berlin. They attempted to conduct these fake manoeuvres within the framework of the Warsaw Treaty, but the Rumanians refused. So the Soviets turned round and conducted them with East Germany only.

In this whole plot the Soviet revisionists have an important agency for provocation in the Bulgarian revisionist clique which is using the so-called question of Macedonia to put pressure on Tito. But Tito is neither Dubcek nor Ceausescu. They will get nowhere with him through bluffing, unless they have decided to attack militarily. Tito will not surrender to the Soviets without war, and a war with Yugoslavia would be very difficult, if not impossible, for the Soviets, therefore they cannot venture into it, at least for the time being. Thus, these quarrels with Tito do nothing but further expose and weaken both sides.

The policy of military blackmail by the Soviet revisionists is applied not only within the Warsaw Treaty, and Yakubovsky, who is prowling around Europe, is not the only bogey-man. There is also the bogey-man, Grechko, who as the Minister of Defence of the Soviet Union, travels to Cairo, Beirut, Algiers, Damascus, Iraq, Pakistan and recently to India, with military plans in his briefcase. All these movements of his reflect the aggressive military aims of the revisionists of the Kremlin, are evidence that those countries are included in their plans and indicate the efforts they are making to solve the acute problems of these regions solely in the Soviet-American interests and the preparation of an aggression against the People's Republic of China.

The provocation on the Chinese border, on the Ussuri River, a provocation which was co-ordinated with Grechko's visit to India, was hatched up in this context.

Nevertheless, all this treacherous fascist policy can have no outcome other than ignominious defeat for the Soviets. The peoples' patience with occupiers and local cliques sold out to the Soviets will not last long. The movement of resistance and opposition began long ago. It will grow, build up pressure, and erupt with great fury.



The anniversary of the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet army is drawing near. During this year the Soviet revisionists have used every means to subjugate the Czechoslovak people completely. They have not achieved their aim. It is true that they removed the revisionist Dubcek from power, and replaced him with Husak, another quisling allegedly with more personality than Dubcek, but more obedient and submissive to the orders of the occupiers.

All that this year brought forth was that the occupation troops acquired warmer quarters and greater hatred among the people. The press, the radio and the other means of propaganda were gagged, but the passive resistance of the people increased.

The economic situation in Czechoslovakia is catastrophic. the market is empty, the shops are being stripped by Ivan who grabs anything he can find and sends it off to Marushka in Russia.

Czechoslovakia has completely lost its dignity, individuality and its activity as a sovereign and independent state in the international arena is nil. It is a country completely subjugated by the Soviets with the force of arms. The Soviets have utterly discredited themselves, not only within Czechoslovakia, but also in the international arena. Even with the actions of quislings and the, pressure of the Soviets, it is hard to "gloss over" lies. The situation in Czechoslovakia will become even more embittered. There is talk of silent strikes on the occasion of the first anniversary of the occupation; illegal leaflets and articles against the Soviets are circulating wholesale in Czechoslovakia. Hatred for the occupiers is simmering in every Czechoslovak borne. There are many attempts at organization, by good and bad elements. What is important is the formation of a Marxist-Leninist party which must galvanize the resistance and energies of the people and lead them in resolute actions, lead the armed resistance.

The national moment is very suitable. The Czechoslovak problem is a gangrenous ulcer for the Soviet and other revisionists. Czechoslovakia remains a country seething with discontent and resistance. The Czechoslovak people will find sound revolutionary forces which will revolt.

The revisionist camp is trying hard to give the impression that calm and harmony exist in its ranks. Nothing they say rings true, evil cannot be covered up with words. Their quarrels and disagreements have increased and are becoming more profound.

The Soviets are no longer smiling at their "allies".

They are putting economic pressure on the Poles, are not supplying them with the steel and oil they need. The same thing is occurring with the others, too. Of course, the reason for this is that the Soviet plans are not being fulfilled, that the Soviet-American alliance requires political and economic sacrifices, and that the Soviet imperialist expansion demands disposability of investments, thus, all these factors taken together, as well as the pressure exercised on these countries, are making the satellite countries discontented with their patron. Naturally, their discontent has not reached the level at which it undergoes a qualitative change into open revolt, but it is manifested in various stands, in their political problems, in their "semi-legal" relations with West Germany, the United States of America, France and the other capitalist countries. Bill one thing is certain: the revisionist chiefs are at "daggers drawn" with one another; in fact, they hate one another, but the situation requires them to cover up their profound disagreements, however difficult this may be.

The struggle against Bonn and against American imperialism, which they advocate. is a hoax. Nobody is deceived by this demagogy. They themselves are well aware of this, therefore, all of them are making great efforts to tie themselves to the capitalist West with a thousand threads. There is a great race to do this. The Soviet revisionists ale strengthening their links with the Westerners and trying to weaken, tangle up or sever the links which their satellite "allies" want to establish.

West Germany, the United States of America, Great Britain, etc., are developing their activities in all forms. Nixon's visit to Rumania is an important move, a major test in this direction.

The Soviet revisionist empire sees that it is in a very difficult position in Europe. It is keeping its European satellites under rein only with difficulty and wondering how long it will be able to do so. One day the reins will break. Therefore, the Soviet efforts are intended to woo Bonn, to create conditions attractive to it and, of course, the Soviets will make concessions at the expense of their "allies" but they must ensure that the "allies" remain in the Warsaw Treaty. The Soviets will insist on this, because they need "cannon fodder" for the defence of their western border. The Soviets foresee that the day will come when they can no longer keep their "allies" under control as they wish. Their political and economic threats and blackmail will no longer have their former effect. The United States of America is doing all it can to assist in this direction. The West-German-American "peaceful" competition in this sector is producing tangible results in the disintegration of the Soviet empire in its decline.

That is why the Soviets are turning their eyes to the East, to countries "suitable" for colonization.

So, without lessening its caution or abandoning its pro-western policy, while maintaining and strengthening its friendship with the United States of America, which it still considers as its great rival, the Soviet Union has directed its gaze and its greatest activity to the Middle East, the Far East and the Pacific Ocean.

The revisionist Soviet Union advocates the idea of a "security" alliance with the peoples of Asia and has begun to work actively in this direction. The aim of Soviet social-imperialism is to prepare for war against China, to achieve its isolation and restriction and the colonization of the countries of Asia. The Soviet revisionists think that their investments in weapons, etc., for India, Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries will bring them economic, political and military advantages, while the big concessions they are making to Japan will make that country friendly to the Soviet Union, so that it will help to achieve the Soviet aim of the isolation of China, and take part in a crusade against China. The purpose of this whole strategy of the Soviet revisionists is to prepare the big attack on China, an attack of propaganda and armed provocations.

The aim of this revisionist strategy is to intimidate China, to sweeten up the capitalist states of Asia, and to dispel the fears of and please the United States of America and Japan.

The war which the Soviet Union is preparing against China is greatly to the liking of the United States of America and Japan which are encouraging it in this direction. But, on the other hand, the latter do not like the Soviet plan of manoeuvres for alliances with states in which the USA has already got its hooks and upon the plunder of whose wealth the existence of American capitalism itself is greatly dependent.

Thus, Nixon's present trip must be seen as a counter to this Soviet plan. The purpose of it is not only to strengthen the positions of the United States of America in India and elsewhere, but also to penetrate into Rumania, into the lair of the Soviets. With this Nixon is telling the Soviets: "You are getting into my sheep-fold, but I am getting into yours." Of course, this kind of activity is not without dangers and conflicts. And the armed conflicts have not ceased, either in the Middle East, in Vietnam or in many other countries of Africa and Latin America.

These conflicts will continue because they reflect the conflicts of the two big imperialist powers which are allies and rivals at the same time, which are at peace with each other but are fighting by means of others, exploiting the blood shed by other peoples to adjust their own dirty interests and spheres of influence...

The Soviets are making great efforts to gain influence in India and to make it an ally of theirs. They are providing India with credits and arms, making many investments there in order to extract big economic and political benefits. In India, however, three imperialism, which have great influence in that country, are confronting one another. India is a member of the British Commonwealth, which is bankrupt. Nevertheless British capital has an appreciable influence and plays a considerable role in this part of the sterling zone, where the dollar, in particular, has penetrated deeply. Besides this, in India the Soviet Union has to deal with a feudal-capitalist bourgeoisie with no little experience in gobbling up wealth, in striking up false friendships and turning its back whenever it suits it.

India, after all, is an enormous, poverty-stricken country which, in order to act as it would like, needs capital in amounts which the Soviet Union will never be able to provide. India is a continent that is stirring, ripe for revolution. The Indian capitalist bourgeoisie is anti-Chinese, but, at the same time is also realistic in regard to the strength of China. It will be cautious in regard to the Soviet-American plans, not from choice but from necessity.

Meanwhile Pakistan, which is in hostility with India over the question of Kashmir, does not put much trust either in the Americans, or in the Soviets, who are unlikely to choose its side in preference to a slice of the Indian "cake". Their "smiles" and approaches to Pakistan are accompanied with threats and pressure.

Pakistan maintains good relations with China. At this time, when the Soviets and the Americans are undertaking these endeavours in Asia. Pakistan is strengthening its links with China.

The road into the Soviet Far East has been opened to Nipponese imperialism. With the Japanese investments in the territory of the Soviet Union the Soviet revisionist leadership is trying to compensate for its own investments in the other countries it intends to colonize, and to make Japan, if not a fighting ally against China, at least a neutral ally in case of an armed conflict with China. In its relations with Japan, the Soviet Union also aims to block the trade of Japan with China, in the hope of strangling the huge Chinese market.

The Middle East is and will continue to be a zone of Soviet-American influence, intrigues and domination. The puppets who are in power in the Arab countries are sold out lock, stock and barrel. Only the organization of the resistance and the people's struggle can pull the Middle East out of the mire. The resistance of the Palestinians is the beginning. This resistance is not to the liking of either the Arab puppets in power or of their respective patrons, it is supported by the Arab peoples. This is a hopeful sign, but as long as it is not led by communists, the dangers are great.

Neighbouring Italy is a country in chronic crisis. They are not succeeding in forming a government there; the neo-fascists, the military putsches prepared by the Americans are ready to emerge from behind-the-scenes. The prospect of these putsches has terrified the Italian revisionists, who are doing their utmost to make common cause with the bourgeois parties. They have put themselves up for auction, but nobody is buying them.

Post-De Gaulle France, also, is writhing in the grip of a crisis, trying to find a modus vivendi between the two big powers and a powerful Federal Germany which has captured the strongest dominant positions in Western Europe in the economic, monetary, political and military fields.

The South American continent is stirring. Castro is an anti-Marxist bound with Soviet chains. What is positive is that there is a pronounced sentiment against the United States of America in Latin America. The genuine Marxist-Leninist parties there are organized and in struggle.

Faced with this situation, which is fraught with dangers, we must be more vigilant than ever. Great caution and vigilance towards the Soviet revisionists, the American imperialists and the Titoite neighbours, towards the monarcho-fascist reaction of Athens and the neo-fascists of Rome. We must always keep our powder dry, preserve our steel unity, keep the people on the alert and the Party invincible. These are the conditions for our victories at all times and in any situation.



Under various pretexts and in the context of the Warsaw Treaty, the Soviet revisionists are making efforts to create big mixed military units made up of contingents from each member state of this Treaty. They say that Rumania has not agreed. According to our information, in fact these units have been created already. They say, also, that such units have been sent to the border with China, but this has still to be verified. It is clear that the Soviet revisionists are doing this to eliminate the independence of each separate army, to put them all completely under Soviet command, to create mercenary troops for military adventures. to demoralize the military cadres of each state, and to crush any kind of resistance on their part.



The Franco-American contradictions are contradictions between two imperialist powers. Sometimes they become acute, sometimes they seem to die down a little, but they never disappear and they cannot disappear completely. These are contradictions between a powerful imperialism, such as that of the United States of America, which is striving to establish its hegemony over the world, and French imperialism, which no larger has its former strength or the aggressiveness to be able to challenge American imperialism properly, or even to create stable alliances in its own favour.

These two imperialist powers talk about their "traditional friendship", but this sort of friendship represents nothing but the defence of their capitalist interests in the given crisis conditions, when their interests are in danger of being completely wiped out by a third imperialist power, which undertakes an imperialist world war for the redivision of the spheres of influence in the world. In the last two great crises, the First and the Second World War, in fact, American imperialism did come to the aid of its Anglo-French "allies", but in the final analysis, its gains were again colossal in comparison with its minimal human and material losses. The two great world wars and the blood of others, which was poured out in torrents, enriched and strengthened American imperialism. At a time when France, Britain and the countries of Europe were devastated and their economies ruined, the United States of America suffered not the slightest damage and its economy was enormously developed and enriched.

France and Britain emerged from the First World War victorious over the Germany of Kaiser William. Although the war brought them losses, these two imperialist powers still retained their superiority in capitalist Europe and retained their colonial empires, which were to become a source of colossal income for the metropolises for a period that lasted up to the Second World War. Of course, their American "friends" did not sit idle in these circumstances so favourable to them, when they had victorious friends and defeated "friends" The victorious "friends" who were economically weakened, had to be placed under the firmest control possible to ensure that American capital could penetrate as deeply as possible into their metropolises and economies. Thus, the United States of America emerged from its former isolation, and the policy of the dollar, the struggle to capture the sources of raw materials and markets in the world was being waged more and more sternly. There was talk about the sterling area and the franc area, but the dollar area was assuming preponderance.

The closest "friend" and "blood relational" which could be fleeced most easily was the "British lion". It took the Second World War to bring the transfer of the former British colonies grosso modo (In general (Italian in the original)) under the domination and neo-colonialist exploitation of Uncle Sam. Like it or not, Britain was forced to transfer its plundered wealth to the hands of American imperialism, not in the previous form of colonies, but as various states to which it generously gave independence and self "government" Almost formally, to keep up appearances, but also for its own, of course, reduced economic interests, it continued to call them the "Commonwealth" and the "sterling area". Nevertheless, after the two world crises, British imperialism became and remained the "friend" of the United States of America, its obedient friend, its impoverished, though close, relation.

French imperialism, on the other hand, did not submit so readily to the pressure of American imperialism. Through the Treaty of Versailles and the alliances it put together, especially in Europe, the French bourgeoisie tried to restrain the revival of German militarism, its strongest and traditional rival, especially in Europe. At the same time, French imperialism, as a power which emerged victorious from the First World War, exerted all its strength to hold on to its many colonies against the greedy ambitions of others and to exploit their enslaved peoples to the bone. American imperialism found it very difficult to penetrate into and weaken this old imperialist and colonialist power. In order to achieve these aims, to establish its domination over its "friend" American imperialism was to use capital investments in France and its colonies, as well as the financing of the defeated "friend", German revanchism, the traditional enemy of imperialist France.

A series of circumstances, the crises, the revival of German militarism in the form of the former Hitlerite nazi Reich, more ferocious in its ideology and organization, brought about that the French bourgeoisie was weakened and lost the Second World War without fighting at all. France capitulated, its colonial empire declined, Africa was occupied by the American armies, and France itself was to be occupied in order to attack the German armies of occupation. After the Second World War the United States of America thought and hoped that France was finished as an imperialist and colonial power and would follow the American dictate obediently and humbly.

Of course, France, which emerged from the war economically and morally defeated, could not have its former prestige or weight or play a first-rate role in the international arena. The partisan and Gaullist forces which took part in the war could not and did not make such a contribution to the war as to give France its old "grandeur". The forces of "Free France" were under the command and orders of the allies, despite De Gaulle's spirit of French "grandeur". However, the circumstances created in liberated Europe required that France should be revived as a bourgeois power. The persistence of De Gaulle and his intransigence, especially with American imperialism, with Roosevelt and, later, with Truman assisted in this direction. Hence, France's opposition to American imperialism is of long standing and became deeper during the war, because Roosevelt had great hopes in Petain and Vichy and virtually disregarded De Gaulle and his movement.

After the War, this France accepted and benefited from the "Marshall Plan" In order to strengthen its assets with the American aid and to preserve its empire which was shaken to its foundations the French capitalist bourgeoisie showed itself disposed to the Atlantic collaboration with the United States of America in all its forms. Naturally, American capital poured into France and its colonies more freely. Anti-Sovietism reached its culmination, NATO was created with France an important member of it and the country where the command of this organization was located.

The facts showed that the French capitalist economy was reviving. France began to display more independence in its policy, began to strengthen its political and economic links with Bonn, to play the main role in the European Common Market, and during this development, of course, its contradictions with American imperialism did not disappear, but, on the contrary, became deeper until they became extremely exacerbated with De Gaulle as president of France. During this time, however, the French colonies burst into flames liberation wars began in Vietnam and Algeria and disturbances broke out in Morocco, Tunisia and everywhere. The French colonial empire was collapsing. The French bourgeoisie dispatched soldiers to be killed in the hopeless attempt to prop it up. Thus, the withdrawal began: "Let us save what we can." Independent bourgeois states emerged, some of which retained their political and economic links with France, while others did not.

In any case, wherever there was a vacuum the United States of America moved in with its military bases, its capital investments, its credits and its agents. The old French colonialism was being replaced with the powerful American neo-colonialism. This, of course, made the contradictions between French imperialism and American imperialism even more acute.

De Gaulle tried to crystallize his alliance with Bonn, first of all, with the aim that France would be dominant in this alliance and that the two countries jointly would neutralize the American influence in Europe. From this angle De Gaulle regarded Britain as dependent on the United States of America, as it was, therefore, he tried to keep it out of his multilateral European policy, or to make it the "poor" partner of this alliance.

At the same time, in the situation when the Soviet Union and the United States of America had entered the phase of a feverish alliance between them, De Gaulle tried to make approaches to the Soviet Union with the aim of exerting pressure in two directions, upon both Bonn Germany and the United States of America. However, neither Bonn nor Moscow responded to De Gaulle's advances in the way he wanted. They moved towards him just as far as this suited their own interests. Bonn could not jeopardize its interests with the United States of America and Britain and, while retaining its friendship with France, it undertook its own imperialist economic expansion in the world, but especially in the revisionist states and, first of all, in the Soviet Union. Thus, the era of open and secret Soviet-West German talks began under the umbrella of the Soviet-American alliance.

To attain his political objectives with the Soviet Union, De Gaulle also intended to carry out some sleight of hand in his internal policy in order to deceive the working class and the opposition. Faced with the failure of his policy, however, the French capitalist big bourgeoisie lost confidence in De Gaulle, manoeuvred and brought him down, replacing him with Pompidou. The latter looks like the representative of the French big business bourgeoisie, and that is what he is. At present this bourgeoisie seems to be adopting a policy less intransigent towards the United States of America than that of De Gaulle, less intransigent towards Britain, etc. This is on the surface. The United States of America is feeling the pulse, trying to see to what extent the French policy has softened.

If we look deep into the essence of the question, however, and not just at external appearances, the contradictions exist and are growing deeper. At the moment we see that these contradictions are becoming acute in two directions: in the demands of the French policy that the American and the Soviet fleets be withdrawn from the Mediterranean, and second, in the direct participation of France in the Arab-Israeli conflict. This latter direction presents two aspects: the anti-American aspect and the anti-Soviet aspect. In order to gain influence in Africa and the Near East, France is allegedly supporting the Arabs without being openly opposed to Israel. This situation, of course, will make the contradictions and conflicts between these three imperialist powers even more acute, and this is in the interests of the revolution, because it weakens the aggressive forces of the imperialists that are under attack by the peoples.

We must follow the development of these situations attentively. Our task is to follow the development of these contradictions carefully, to make them clear to our people, and to our friends and to mercilessly expose the demagogy of enemies, which covers up all this cruel business to the detriment of the peoples who are fighting and shedding, their blood for freedom.



The Soviet Union has had crises for the past 10-15 years and will go on having them. This is a logical result of the restoration of capitalism and the decay of the present regime in that country. The antagonistic contradictions amongst groups in the leadership and the contradictions between these groups and the people are becoming more profound, more fierce. They are heading for conflicts. The crisis of the Soviet capitalist-revisionist regime is manifested in its internal and international policies. In the ideological field it has led to degeneration with its worst consequences, and in the economic field, likewise, to degeneration with catastrophic consequences. All this brings about the crisis and the degeneration of the structure, leads to the strengthening of the fascist military forces as the only means the capitalist bourgeoisie has to crush the resistance, to suppress the people and to prepare military adventures abroad, against the other countries and peoples.

The course which the Soviet revisionists are following is that of forcing the pace of the militarization of the Soviet Union. Of course this cannot be done without clashes, without contradictions and without violating the vital interests of the working people. On this course they are in alliance with and have the support of American imperialism and world capitalism.

The fact is that capital from America and other capitalist countries is pouring into the Soviet Union. This is going on just as in every other capitalist country and their colonies, just as it did in capitalist Germany after the First and the Second World Wars. This means that the Western capitalists who are investing in the Soviet Union are confident about what they are doing: they are helping the Soviet revisionists for a great common goal which is anti-communism. But by assisting in the development of the Soviet Union's industry, to the extent that interests them, at the same time they are creating possibilities for the revisionists to increase their armaments. This appears a paradox. but it is a reality. There is no enigma about this.

Of course, with its investments in the Soviet Union, world capital, headed by American capital, aims to draw huge economic profits and is doing so in fact. The investments it makes in the Soviet Union are advantageous to world capital in many directions. For example, amongst other things, regardless of the fact that the Soviet economy is powerful, especially in raw materials, the international capital influences the orientation of the Soviet Union's economy and inhibits development in those directions which are not in its interests. At the same time, the foreign capital which is pouring into the Soviet Union is preparing the ground for ever greater collaboration by capitalist trusts and concerns with the Soviet trusts and concerns. The latter are only disguised as socialist concerns, while in content and organization they are modelled on capitalist concerns, and indeed are improving on the original models. The revisionist economic reforms which are being carried out have precisely this aim, to perfect the capitalist regime so that it corresponds to, and if Possible, outstrips that of the other capitalist partners, while finding and maintaining the disguises necessary to an allegedly socialist economy. The betrayal of Marxism-Leninism and the going over of the Soviet renegade leadership to revisionism was bound to and did bring the degeneration of the Soviet Union, moral, political, ideological, degeneration and degeneration of its structures. For tactical reasons the Khrushchevite traitors have tried and will continue to try to retain certain external features of' these structures unaltered, but will strip them completely of their "Marxist-Leninist" essence.

Now this degeneration in the Soviet Union has assumed monstrous forms, with the creation of a corrupted class which rules in the economy, politics, ideology and the military field. The machinery of betrayal has been set working and is being oiled so that world capital sees that in the Soviet Union it has security and a prosperous future.

International capitalism has reached the conclusion, that through the Khrushchevites' betrayal it gained a powerful agency with the help of which it will be able to, fight communism and world revolution "successfully". It would never be able to do this on its own, either with social demagogy or with the force of arms. World capitalism. realizes that, for a long time, the Soviet revisionist traitors will be able to exploit the great authority and prestige of the Soviet Union, the international authority of Lenin, Leninism, and Marxism-Leninism for their counter-revolutionary undermining work.

At the same time, however, world capitalism knows that the advent to power of Khrushchevite revisionism in the Soviet Union is a temporary victory. Nevertheless, it is trying to consolidate this victory.

What benefits did Khrushchevite revisionism bring world capitalism?

It sowed the seed of disruption within the communist parties, and within the international labour movement.

It is playing the role of a scab in the revolution and a fire-extinguisher to quell the flames of national liberation wars which the international gendarme, American imperialism, puts down by force of arms.

Hence, world capitalism and modern revisionism are fighting in unison against the revolution, communism, socialism and the peoples who have risen to their feet ,and are fighting for their freedom.

American imperialism and Soviet social-imperialism are the arch-enemies of the peoples. They are both fighting against other peoples and countries, against the revolutionary forces. This common objective brings them together, unites them. But as the imperialists they are, they also have separate aims which divide them and pit them against each other. One such aim is world domination, the redivision of the world into spheres and zones of influence, while quietly torpedoing each other's positions in the existing spheres of influence. Thus, there are contradictions between them which are becoming more and more acute. These contradictions must not be forgotten or underestimated. Indeed, they may become so acute that they burst into armed conflicts, into imperialist war between them.

At present there are tacit military-political agreements between the two blocs, the Atlantic bloc headed by the United States of America and the Warsaw bloc headed by the Soviet Union. Within these blocs there is a spider's web, of multifarious connections, but there are also innumerable contradictions which weaken these links. In fact we see that outside and inside blocs and alliances talks are taking place, contracts are being concluded, treaties are being signed, credits are being given, capital is being invested, and the capitalist-revisionist osmosis is taking place. The most important among these agreements are those which are signed between the two chiefs of world imperialism, the Soviets and the Americans. True, the United States of America is aiding the revisionist Soviet Union through the provision of credits, but at the same time, by means of this aid it is striving to neutralize and, if possible, to weaken the Soviet military strength, and keep it at a level inferior to that of its own aggressive military strength. This is the aim of the treaties they have signed or are trying to conclude in the fields of atomic and other weapons. Their true aim is not the preservation of peace, the elimination of armaments, or the elimination of wars, but the temporary avoidance of conflicts between two imperialist powers, and the maintenance of the status quo of the domination of the world by the two great powers.

American imperialism and Soviet social-imperialism are preparing for war. In this context they are sabotaging and hampering the national liberation wars of peoples who have risen and will continue to rise against them in armed struggle. At the same time they are obliged to wage an internal struggle against their own peoples who are rising in revolution, in political and economic strikes; they are obliged to combat the centrifugal forces within their so-called blocs which are seething with discontent, and in which revolt and insurrection are imminent.

The imperialism of the United States of America feels "stronger" within its empire. It is fully prepared ideologically and militarily for aggression, which it has in its bloodstream and is developing in all forms, on all continents.

From the time the Khrushchevites betrayed socialism they set out, as they themselves declared, on the course of "catching up with and surpassing the United States of America". Naturally, this "was to be done" on the anti-socialist, capitalist road. Such a thing could not be done openly, because the Khrushchevites had to travel the road of the degeneration of the Soviet Union, of its transformation from a socialist country into a capitalist country. Therefore they had to ruminate and find such capitalist forms as would keep the betrayal involved in these transformations disguised. Betrayal does not pay, betrayal does not strengthen but weakens, betrayal does not rebuild but destroys. This process is a law regardless of whether you are a big or small state, powerful or weak economically. It is only a matter of time; sooner or later the process of degeneration, weakening, transformation takes place. Only armed insurrection, the revolution can stop and destroy this process.

Already the Soviet Union is deeply immersed in this destructive process. It is in crisis everywhere, in every sector. Agriculture is in a great crisis, light and heavy industry, the structural organization of the state and the economy likewise, reforms follow reforms. As the people say, the Soviet Union "is eating its own flash". Colossal investments are being made for the militarization of the country and preparation for imperialist military aggressions. Colossal funds have been invested for space research. But now that the United States of America has been given the green light in this field, these funds are no longer sufficient.

A great crisis has gripped the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. It is no longer a Marxist-Leninist party. It has degenerated into a worthless bureaucratic apparatus, which has discarded any Leninist norms, which engages only in demagogy and whose propaganda serves only to say that the "tradition is maintained".

The whole superstructure of the Soviet Union is in the chaos of bourgeois degeneration, under a thin coat of allegedly Marxist paint. The union of the various nationalities and republics which form the Soviet Union, a union achieved on the Marxist-Leninist course, can no longer be preserved now that they are on the capitalist course.

Modern revisionism incites nationalism and great-Russian chauvinism, incites the domination of big nationalities over smaller ones, suppresses any democratic freedoms, because it has abolished the dictatorship of the proletariat, has created the stratum of exploiters with an exploiting capitalist economic apparatus and the oppressive military force, in the service of this new regime which has been restored.

Thus, the revisionist clique in the Soviet Union is kept in power by means of counter-revolutionary violence. Abroad, this clique no longer completely dominates the revisionist camp. Unity does not exist, it is a formal unity, a charade of unity. Likewise, between the Soviet Union and the revisionist states, its alleged allies, there is no unity, but there is intervention, and the Soviet revisionists have intervened and will intervene violently by means of armed force.

Thus, the methods of the Soviet militarist-fascist violence have come into operation. They are a logical outcome of the establishment of the capitalist regime in the Soviet Union. The militarist-fascist violence operates within the Soviet Union, operates in the other revisionist countries which are allies of the Soviet Union, on the one hand, against the anti-Soviet ultra-revisionist cliques which oppose the pro-Soviet cliques and, on the other hand, against the popular revolt which is being fanned up and prepared against them.

In the international arena, the militarist-fascist Soviet power has begun to emerge in the Near East and establish its bases in Egypt and elsewhere, under the disguise of military aid for the peoples. The aggressive Soviet fleet has begun to show itself and conduct manoeuvres on seas and oceans, manoeuvres which have a distinct character of preparation for a world war. Although disguised with bombastic slogans, all this preparation is co-ordinated with American imperialism.

Bent on their course of adventures and imperialist wars, the Soviet revisionists are experiencing great difficulties and political, economic and other crises. They are making great efforts to overcome them, to conceal or belittle them, but in vain. They are encountering resistance and great struggle in every direction. internally and externally. Albania and the other revolutionary forces are irreconcilable enemies of revisionists and imperialists, therefore their main attack internationally is directed against us and revolutionaries all over the world.

There is talk of a crisis in the Soviet revisionist leadership. No doubt there is and always will be. The militarymen are in the saddle and will strengthen their militarist-fascist power. The state power in the revisionist Soviet Union will go increasingly to the right until the new proletarian revolution, which will be organized in the Soviet Union by a new, genuine Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist party, wipes it out.

FRIDAY MAY 1, 1970


Once again Nixon has shown his face as the warmongering representative of American imperialism and exposed his own pacifist lies and demagogy. Two or three days ago he declared he was going to withdraw 150 thousand troops from Vietnam. This was just another bluff, but on the other hand, it shows that American imperialism, which has got itself caught up in a terrible meatgrinder, is lashing out wildly, trying to extricate itself from its very great difficulties, and now, by sending its troops into Cambodia, it has gone deeper into an even vaster, more intense and destructive sea of fire. Now American imperialism will have to throw new, greater forces into the holocaust and face more numerous united forces, which have great possibilities to manoeuvre.

The peoples of Indochina are uniting as one against their common enemy and will put him in his grave all the sooner. The American imperialists and their friends, the Soviet revisionists, are frantic and they have good reason to be. Their plans have been and will be foiled.

The Soviet revisionists have been caught like rats in a trap. They cannot extricate themselves from the consequences of their treachery and are sinking deeper into the mire. Their statements on Cambodia are stale, false, cynical. Their ambassador still maintains close links with Lon Nol. A positive thing is that Sihanouk is not in their clutches. Sihanouk is beginning to recognise what the Soviet revisionists, who are trying to carry out many actions to weaken the united front of the peoples of Indochina, really are.

But with the Americans' invasion of Cambodia, the North Vietnamese, too, must certainly be greatly disillusioned with the lies of the Soviets who are for talks with the Americans.

The American imperialists have recommenced the bombing of North Vietnam This is a defeat for the Soviet revisionists, a terrible exposure for them as friends of American imperialism. The Vietnamese will draw the proper lessons.



The Soviet revisionists and Bonn have signed a treaty on the non-use of force against each other (This treaty was signed on August 1, 1970 in Moscow), and opened the prospect of all-round collaboration between these two imperialist states.

This agreement was achieved in record time, a thing which shows that in essence social-democracy, which is in power at present in both signatory countries, quickly ironed out the disagreements. The interests of German revanchism and Soviet social-imperialism reached a meeting point and both of them were in need of a more or less lengthy pause in order to prepare for new adventures and to assist each other.

Thus, West Germany will have possibilities to strengthen its military, economic and political potential even more than it has done already, while the Soviet revisionists will have a time of relative peace in Europe in order to stabilize the power of their bourgeois dictatorship on somewhat stronger foundations within the Soviet Union in disfavour of socialism, which they have destroyed, and will have greater possibilities to operate against revolutionary and national liberation struggles of the peoples in general.

This friendship of the Soviet revisionists with Bonn is being developed with the calculated approval of American imperialism. "These three friends" are in agreement as long as their individual interests are not damaged. Actually, American imperialism dominates this alliance while standing above it. German imperialism is rising, growing stronger, and has gained a privileged position. Both the Americans and the Soviet Union, the latter especially, need it. The Soviet Union needs it, but is also afraid of it. These two important factors are operating to control the power of the Soviet Union, both by Bonn directly and by Bonn and Washington together (standing in judgement of the circumstances of the treaty).

The victory of Bonn is considerable. The Federal Republic of Germany, with the assistance of world imperialism and American imperialism, in particular, has become the most powerful partner in NATO after the United States of America. Its economy has become exceptionally strong and is one of those that make the law in the European Common Market. It is financing the United States of America to maintain the stability of the dollar, and its capital is spreading everywhere in Europe and to other continents to occupy places "in the sun".

For Bonn, of course, no position gained can be complete without the annexation of the German Democratic Republic. In the existing circumstances it could not do this without the use of force. Moreover, the Soviet-American alliance made the prospect of doing this with such means a remote one. Hence American-German imperialism altered its tactics in order to achieve its strategic aim. The Soviet revisionist traitors accepted the new tactic and concluded the treaty referred to. which favours American-German imperialism to the detriment of the peoples of Europe and the world, to the detriment of peace and the revolution.

Now the imperialists, the modern revisionists and world capitalism in crisis are setting tip a deafening clamour to advertise this treaty According to them "This treaty has removed the threat of war from Europe and ensured the status quo of the borders, of the states of Europe as they were established after the Second World War. The Federal Republic of Germany and the Soviet Union pledged that they would not touch these borders," etc., etc. All euphoria, all demagogy, all lies, and the sharpening of knives behind the scenes. "No one could propose a better solution than that provided by this treaty", is more or less what the revisionist traitor, Kosygin, said in his speech to Willy Brandt.

This imperialist treaty tramples on the rights of the peoples who fought against Hitlerite Germany. For the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic it eliminates the question of the Peace Treaty which they, as defeated states, have to sign with the victorious states. The treaty made this concession to Bonn. Such a thing did not occur either with defeated Italy or with defeated Japan. Stalin defended the blood which the peoples shed to defeat the fascist and militarist beasts, while the Khrushchevite revisionist traitors betrayed both the blood the peoples shed and their rights, and assisted the revanchists of Bonn with this treaty.

Stalin never assisted imperialism or Hitlerite fascism. He was a glorious Marxist-Leninist and their sworn enemy. The Soviet-German treaty cannot be equated with this present one. Stalin was well aware who he was dealing with knew that a life-and-death battle with the Hitlerites was imminent, so Molotov signed a treaty to gain time and he did this only when he saw that the Western "democracies", Britain and France, were against an alliance with the Soviet Union and were urging Hitler to make his move to the East as quickly as possible. The treaty which Kosygin signed, however, is a treaty between friends, a treaty on which great hopes have been pinned for the financing of the Soviet Union.

Willy Brandt stressed several times, in his official speech in Moscow, and talking to reporters on the occasion of the signing of the treaty, that it would be successful and would achieve the purposes for which it was signed if what might be called a situation for the development of good relations is created in Central Europe. In other words, he pointed out again to the Soviets that the restrictions and pressures on Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Rumania must be relaxed.

The capitalists of Bonn want to penetrate those countries in other ways: in political, economic and ideological ways. The other issues will come later as a consequence of the former. West Germany wants and will try on the basis of this treaty to achieve its purpose of extending its influence in those countries, replacing the detested Soviet influence, eliminating any influence of communism and achieving the unification of the two German states.

The Soviet revisionist counter-revolutionaries are afraid of the peoples and the revolution, therefore they have few illusions about keeping their satellites under a firm grip, especially in the political and ideological fields, because sooner or later the satellites will desert them. Their concern is to corrupt these cliques, to have other cliques ready to replace them, and to keep them militarily and economically dependent for as long as possible. Naturally, there will be contradictions between them and they will grow deeper. Bonn, Washington and others will take advantage of this to get their hooks into them.

The Soviets must make concessions to them, and this treaty makes this obligatory, because the Soviet Union will sink into all-round collaboration with Bonn, a collaboration which will demand concessions for the foreign capital which will pour into the Soviet Union.

The revisionist leadership of the Soviet Union will see the problems through glasses different from those through which it is seeing them today. It will be caught up in the capitalist storm with its cycles of political, economic and military crises, with its way of life and thinking about the solution of political problems and alliances, just as the other capitalist powers do. The imperialist powers sought to bring the Soviet Union to this point, and through the Khrushchevite traitor clique they have achieved their aim.

Soviet revisionist imperialism now hopes that by making major sacrifices through this treaty and, later, the treaty on "European Security", if this is achieved, it will dominate Europe together with German imperialism so the two of them will make the law in Europe, weaken NATO, and increase their influence in the other parts of the world.

Hence, the current euphoria which is being expressed in the world about this imperialist treaty is not real for all. For the satellite countries of the Soviet Union it is a "joy" which conceals the desire of cliques to break away from the Soviet tutelage and link up with the West. True, the capitalist countries of Europe have found and will find possibilities for capital investment in the countries of the East from which they will draw profits, but only for as long as the big fish allows them. Certainly, France already sees itself isolated and encircled, or will do so later if it does not act. The other capitalist countries will either remain obedient slaves to the United States of America or come under the new tutelage of the two European powers. The status quo and peace in Europe, where the biggest capitalist wolves are prowling, is a fraud to deceive gogos (Fools (French in the original)).

The French capitalist bourgeoisie is in a quandary. Either it must activize the intransigent policy of De Gaulle, or it must capitulate to the other imperialist powers, the United States of America, the Federal Republic of Germany and the Soviet Union, which dominate Europe at present and are forging new chains. Of course, in the face of a German-Soviet danger in Europe, American imperialism will certainly strengthen its old alliance with Britain and France. Time will tell this...




1) Whenever the positions of American imperialism anywhere are shaken or endangered, either the president or the vice-president of the United States of America, according to the occasion, emerges from his lair.

2) This time, President Nixon himself is coming to Europe with an impressive suite, but he is very worried.

3) The objects of his visit, Italy, Yugoslavia. Spain, the 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean, the meeting in Naples with the American ambassadors in this region, and finally his visit to Britain, in themselves, are clear indications of the nature of Nixon's worries and objectives.

4) Nixon will meet and talk with Saragat. Tito and Franco. friends and loyal allies of American imperialism, because at the present juncture the American strategic, economic and military positions in these countries are shaky and "a presidential impulse" should be given to them...

5) His purpose in coming to Italy is:

a) to strengthen the American military bases;

b) to encourage and assist the friends, the venal agents of America, to keep the state power firmly in their grip and, in case of danger, the "De Lorenzos" should be ready:

c) to keep the vigorous tendencies of nostalgia for the "Rome-Berlin Axis", now the Rome-Bonn axis, under his control. and also, to keep a cold shower pouring on the revisionists' hopes of any unduly close embrace with their Moscovite ally.

6) Besides this, the Americans have big economic interests in Italy. They have to defend them at all costs by means of their policy, the stock exchange, the men loyal to the Americans, and by means of force.

7) Spain is a country where open fascism reigns, not even "disguised democracy" exists there. But Spain, like Italy, is in crisis: the people, the workers there are fighting, are on strike. Spain is living on credits from the Americans, but now Bonn is getting well established there, while the Soviet Union is flirting with it. Of course, Nixon is worried about that country full of American bases and airfields, full of political and economic interests. American imperialism is very concerned to make sure that the fascist Franco and his dictatorship are completely in the hands of the United States of America, because Spain is its means to control the Mediterranean, to put pressure on France, to ensure the security of the 6th Fleet and paralyse the French fleet, and is one of the most important pawns of NATO in this zone.

8) It is self-evident that in the talk with his ambassadors in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, it is not their health, but the "health" of the countries to which they are accredited, that interests Nixon. He will recommend to them that these are not moments to be optimistic, neither about their political power, the power of intrigues, or the power of the American dollar, tanks and gunboats. The peoples have risen and are fighting against them. Therefore, Nixon will point out to the ambassadors that they must toughen up their diplomatic game, that the Latin proverb, "The guns are hushed because the muse is singing!", never has and never will have any value for the Americans. American diplomacy will be subordinated to the military strength of the 6th Fleet.

9) Nixon's inspection of this aggressive Fleet will not be to watch a parade of the marines, but to incite them to war against the peoples, to be ready to intervene and attack the peoples and national liberation struggles, to be ready to defend the wealth of the United States of America, and of course, to impress the discontended peoples of the so-called free world. Nixon will draw the attention of the American marines to the fact that another fleet, that of the Soviet revisionists, is alongside them. It would be better for them if it were not there, but there it is, because "its aim is to invade our free world, therefore, keep your eyes open, be vigilant. We shall do our utmost to neutralize it, and in the end, when the time comes, we shall deal with it and there will be another Trafalgar and Aboukir."

10) Nixon could not overlook either Yugoslavia or Tito. American imperialism has no military bases in Yugoslavia, but American capital is firmly established there, and the United States of America has major economic and political interests in that country. This is due to Tito and Titoism, which turned Yugoslavia from a country in which the construction of socialism had begun into a capitalist country. The colossal loans that the United States of America has provided and is providing for Yugoslavia have turned' it into a chaotic appendage of American imperialism. As a result it is experiencing great and incurable economic and political crises.

With his anti-Marxist policy and ideology, Tito has not only ruined his country and endangered its independence and sovereignty, but has also rendered great services, to American imperialism, which gave him its backing when he abandoned Marxism-Leninism. This imperialism is still backing him now when Yugoslavia is in chaos and on the eve of Tito's "retirement" as he himself has declared, from the post of president of the Yugoslav republic, because he is going to be engaged in "other work".

Of course, Nixon is very interested in this "other work" in which Tito, this close and loyal friend of the Americans, has been engaged in the past and will continue to be engaged. Therefore, at their meeting these two close friends will define new plans of work, internal plans regarding Yugoslavia, and international plans.

It is not without purpose that this anti-Marxist who poses as Marxist is being publicized as "an international political personality for specific questions" of the so called third world, as "an expert on Balkan and European affairs", as "an expert on Soviet affairs", as "an expert and friend of the Arab peoples". For American imperialism Tito is the man ready to tackle whatever dish they serve up to him", and that is why Nixon declared that he will even take the trouble to visit the village where this "great man" was born.

These are not the sole reasons for Nixon's visit to Yugoslavia. He is thinking, also, about the defence of the outposts of NATO. But the peoples of Yugoslavia are enemies of NATO and of the Warsaw Treaty, and we are fully convinced that they will fight against any imperialists who dare encroach on their freedom and independence. The freedom-loving and patriotic peoples of Yugoslavia will never go over to the side of American imperialism or to the side of Soviet social-imperialism.

11) The last stop on Nixon's trip is in Britain, the traditional, favourite ally, but the lion's teeth have been drawn. Nevertheless. it has been called upon, as always, to play a role in Europe, and especially, in moments of grave crisis, to set in motion the secret diplomacy of the Intelligence Service. This ally of the United Stales of America, also, is in crisis, its influence on the European continent has declined, it no longer carries much weight, in the world. Thus, Germany becomes "threatening", the Soviet, Union "encircling", and France isolated even from America.

With what role will Britain be charged in regard to France, how will its fears of Bonn and the Soviets be dispelled, how should it sharpen its "vigilance"? The two cousins, the American and the British, will thrash out all these things, will talk them over, as between the rich uncle and the poor nephew.

Conclusion: The purpose of Nixon's visit is to cheek up on the readiness of the American naval forces in the Mediterranean, and the air and land forces on the European territories, to control and give aid and explanations to the political forces which support the United States of America in Europe and its global policy. This is an attempt by Nixon to issue "forewarnings" (at the appropriate level) to the Soviets, Bonn and France, to urge Italy, Spain and Yugoslavia to give greater assistance to the American penetration into the African continent, and to weaken and neutralize the Soviet penetration there.

In order to strengthen NATO in the Mediterranean and bottle up the Soviet fleet, the United States of America has placed great importance on this basin and the African continent. The Soviet-American rivalry in this zone will increase. At present the Soviets are in very much weaker positions.



Today Pompidou sets out on an official visit to the Soviet Union. In an interview he gave some days ago, he stressed that in regard to the Soviet Union and in general he will pursue the same policy of De Gaulle. This visit of his is significant and is made precisely on the day after Nixon's departure from Europe. On his European tour Nixon completely ignored France, and this indicates the contradictions that exist between France and the United States of America. By going to the Soviet Union and stressing that he is pursuing De Gaulle's policy, that is, resistance to the United States of America and the elimination of its influence in Europe. Pompidou is giving Nixon a tit for tat reply. The only opposition France can put up to the United States of America is its "alliance" with the Soviet Union. Therefore, Pompidou wants to derive political gains from the contradictions that have emerged and will grow deeper between the two imperialist world superpowers, the Soviet Union and the United States of America.

In fact, Britain, the United States of America and their satellites in Europe regard the exchange of kisses between Bonn and Moscow with concern unexpressed as yet, and have begun their underground activities to thwart the two of them. Of course, Bonn and Moscow are manoeuvring to dominate Europe, naturally to the detriment of American influence there. The strengthening of this bloc will mean the weakening of NATO, a thing which the United States of America does not desire and Nixon said bluntly that he will never permit it; he declared that he will increase the American military strength in the Mediterranean; that he will continue the military aid for Greece; declared openly that the United States of America will provide Israel with unlimited credits to buy armaments.

Hence, it is clear that the American positions in Europe and the Mediterranean are shaky and this is due to the Moscow-Bonn manoeuvres, the Gaullist resistance in France, the weakness of Britain and, above all, to the anti-American and anti-revisionist revolutionary impetus which is mounting in this continent, in Africa and in other continents.

Hence. Gaullist France does not want to miss the bus on this course; it wants to become the third partner in this new European anti-American coalition that is taking shape. Of course, both Bonn and Moscow want to have France on their side, not as an equal partner, but merely as a partner whose economic and particularly its political and strategic positions in Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa they could exploit. That is why Moscow is making such propaganda clamour about Pompidou's visit to the Soviet Union.

In my opinion Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East are the current focal points of the major contradictions that exist among the imperialist-revisionist powers. In Europe the cauldron is simmering over domination. Nixon came to strengthen the positions of the American influence. The results he achieved are poor because neither Italy. Yugoslavia nor Spain are able to play the role the United States of America requires. Nixon knew this, therefore he put the stress on the 6th Fleet and the military threat. He went to Britain and his neglect of Paris and Bonn speaks of the contradictions which have begun. Bonn is acting silently and stealthily. Unable to continue the road of talks himself, Nixon left Tito to act in his stead and on his behalf. It was not by accident that on the same day that Pornpidou left for Moscow, Tito, as a counterweight, set out for Belgium, then for Holland and Luxembourg. Hence Tito, as Nixon's emissary, is going to these countries to speak, to work and to complete the strengthening of the bloc of those countries with the United States of America and Britain, against Paris, Bonn and Moscow. Hence, the situation is very complicated and the problems interconnected with it are not only of a European character, but also of a world character.

France, of course, wants to dominate not only in Europe but also in the Mediterranean and on the African continent. It sees the danger in the Mediterranean, and that is why it demands the withdrawal from the Mediterranean of the two fleets: that of the Soviet Union and of the United States of America. But it knows that this can not be achieved, so it aims to strengthen its independent fleet, to set an example to and to exert its influence as much as possible in this direction on the fleets of Italy and Spain, so that they, too, become "independent" and especially become friendly with the Soviet fleet within the context of friendship that can be attained on land. Thus, if such an agreement between France and the Soviet Union is concluded in the Mediterranean, too, then the American 6th Fleet is placed in even greater difficulties: the Soviet fleet blockades Turkey and the Dardanelles, the French fleet threatens the Spanish and the Italian bases. The United States of America foresees such a gloomy prospect, and this accounts for Nixon's laying stress on the 6th Fleet and the Mediterranean.

On the other hand, France is very interested in Africa and the Middle East. Here again, its interests are in harmony with those of the Soviets, who, I think, do not disapprove of the intervention in those regions of a partner "friendly" to them, which is very much weaker and less dangerous than the Americans, and in case of any eventual confrontation with the latter, they might not be alone but have colonialist France on their side. In the African continent there will be clashes, also, among the other capitalist powers like the Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, and Spain, which will act in their own interests, but also in the interests of their present or future alliances.

Our duty is to follow these developments and make them known to our people at home so that they are prepared, but we should also make them known to public opinion abroad.

We do not know what China thinks about these major world problems. Mao told the comrades of our government economic delegation absolutely nothing. When he met them he asked them only the simple question: "Are there contradictions between the Soviet Union and the United States of America?", and when he received the answer "yes" he merely endorsed this, saying. "Yes, there are", and did not bother to say any more. Zhou Enlai added: "The facts indicate this in the Middle East".

Probably the Chinese comrades make more profound analyses, but with friends like us who are fighting in the conditions that everybody knows, they ought to be more open.



In all the revisionist countries without exception, the internal and external situation is very unhealthy and unstable. This is not visible from outside, but within it is seething and causing all sorts of national and international troubles for the cliques in power as well as difficulties in their reciprocal relations.

In the international arena the revisionist countries have lost any prestige they had, have no personality, do not play any prominent political role. Certain "international issues", like the signing of treaties with Bonn or "European security", problems doomed to fiasco, have been concocted by the Soviet revisionists and the American imperialists. On these problems the other revisionists, the satellites of the Soviet Union are simply "breathing the drum to orders". Their role in the international arena is merely that of pawns. They are nothing but camp followers tagging along in the wake of the Soviet clique, who shout about unity, with the Soviet Union and with one another, but secretly, behind the scenes, smile at imperialism, and accept credits from it at a time when they aim kicks at one another, but cautious kicks, because they themselves are sitting on a volcano and are afraid. To remain in power they need the help of the Soviet revisionists, too.

The German problem is a burning issue for all the revisionists, but they do not see eye to eye on its solution. In general and outwardly, they all approve of the Moscow-Bonn Treaty, but in reality there is opposition among them The main opposition comes from the German revisionists. This opposition is based on the fact that this Treaty was concluded at the expense of the German Democratic Republic. The Soviet Union, the main partner and the "protector" of the German Democratic Republic, signed this Treaty with West Germany, giving it the de jure recognition before the United States of America and its other allies inside and outside NATO, without signing the peace treaty with the two German states, while the German Democratic Republic was left at the mercy of the Soviet hegemonic policy. In such conditions neither as a sovereign state nor in the Warsaw Treaty does the German Democratic Republic have that juridical status which the other partners in this Treaty have. The German revisionists are discontented and this discontent stems not from revolutionary, but from revisionist positions. They made concessions on the question of signing the peace treaty with the two German states, or if Bonn was unwilling, with the German Democratic Republic alone, and the second and third fatal concessions were their acceptance of the Moscow-Bonn and Warsaw-Bonn Treaties.

These two treaties lower whatever authority the German Democratic Republic has in the international arena, keep it in the status quo of a pawn of the policy of the Soviet revisionists in Europe, in the latter's dealings with American imperialism and with Bonn. For the Soviet revisionists the German question can be presented only as follows: either an obedient satellite of theirs, and in Moscow's view the unification of the two German states will be achieved in this way (while in our view this cannot occur), or the German Democratic Republic is a buffer state for them in a future imperialist-revisionist war. While by signing the treaty with Bonn on the Oder-Neisse border, which, in reality, is not the border of Poland with Bonn, but only of Poland with the German Democratic Republic, the Gomulka clique showed clearly that it considers the German Democratic Republic as a temporary state with no future. For Poland the guarantee is Bonn. The Polish revisionists cannot believe in socialism, but they believe in the power of treaties they sign with their Bonn colleagues. Brandt and Gomulka are of the same ilk. And Brezhnev-Kosygin are not different from the latter, for these two notorious treaties were their doing.

These two treaties must be ratified by Bonn which, naturally, is demanding further concessions, and these have to do with ensuring international legal guarantees (official acceptance by the German Democratic Republic) of routes of entry into West Berlin and with the opening of the wall, so that the German Democratic Republic becomes an inn with its doors wide open for Bonn to go in and out freely and realize its plans for gobbling up the German Democratic Republic.

To what extent will the German revisionists resist this plan, to what extent will the Soviet revisionists, the present bosses of the German Democratic Republic and Brands's allies, be in solidarity with these aims of Bonn? Will the Soviets be able to persuade the Ulbricht clique to make further treacherous concessions, or will they tip him out and replace him with someone more obedient?

The East German diplomats tell our diplomats that "the policy of the Party of Labour of Albania towards the German Democratic Republic is the only correct policy. We agree with it, but cannot act in that way because we have the noose round our necks".

The newspapers of the German Democratic Republic describe the men of Bonn as revanchists, as the most dangerous imperialist force in Europe, as the cutting edge of the sword of American imperialism, while the other revisionists say the opposite. The Soviets and the Poles exchanged kisses with Brandt. Ulbricht, Ceausescu, Zhivkov, the Czechs and others were insatiable in accepting credits from Bonn.

Naturally these revisionist traitors regard the policy of the Soviet Union towards Bonn as a policy of "peace and security in order to obtain aid and credits from the Federal Republic of Germany. They have trampled principles underfoot, they have gone so far as to betray their own peoples. let alone the interests of the German Democratic Republic.

The German Democratic Republic must be subjugated to their interests and the interests of each individual clique prevail over the general interest, since for them the latter is not a matter of principle, but is only something momentary and conditioned by changing circumstances.

Seen from this angle, the situation in the Soviet Union is very turbulent, very critical for the revisionist clique in power. It is facing many key problems of capital importance, which it is incapable of solving on this treacherous course on which it has set the country and the party.

After Stalin's death, the betrayal of Marxism-Leninism created the present situation which is catastrophic in all directions.

In the first place, the communist party has been turned into a corpse, which exists only in form, because other laws, other principle, other decrees operate. It is overwhelmed with routine and slogans. It no longer exists as a leading party of the working class. Although it is decomposing it tries to cover itself with its past fame. This is the picture developing in all the economic and cultural life there. Life in the Soviet Union has degenerated, because they have brought about the degeneration of the Marxist-Leninist ideology and the revolutionary political struggle. Capitalism, with all its ugly moral, political and economic features, has been established there.

From a country of socialist democracy, the Soviet Union has turned into a country of the new repressive bureaucracy with its laws, norms, prisons, concentration camps, corruption, unemployment, prostitution, great shortages of products, conflicts among nationalities, etc., etc. This mire of corruption has engulfed society in the Soviet Union and the situation is deteriorating day by day. The anti-socialist situation that has been created is obscuring the glorious past of the Soviet Union more and more each day.

The Soviet revisionists are caught up in a vicious circle. Internally they want to create the impression that they are following the Leninist course in everything, both in theory and in practice, but the situation is developing in the opposite direction. Their demagogy cannot cover up anything. On the contrary, it is creating a highly dangerous situation for them, because it is impossible to go on for long covering false stands with words; to be a rabid anti-Marxist and say some empty words about Lenin; to be the most hated anti-Stalinist and to turn a deaf ear when someone speaks of Stalin; to speak against imperialism and to link up and collaborate so closely with the United States of America; to speak of a Leninist policy in the economy and to have nothing to cat; to speak about a Leninist party and, on the other hand, to build a revisionist party, a so-called party of the entire people; to speak about the alleged terror, prisons and concentration camps of the time of Stalin and to turn the country into a prison, a concentration camp, a lunatic asylum; to try to soften your slanders by imprisoning the Solzhenyitsins and, on the other hand, allow the decadent corrupting literature to flourish. Such an anti-Marxist policy, full of contradictions and implemented with half-measures, because the revisionists are still unable to use their fascist dictatorship openly, since they want to preserve appearances to some extent, has reduced the country to the worst capitalist chaos. Degeneration, of course, can create nothing but degeneration, which is asserting itself, gaining positions in policy, in the economy, in culture but, at the same time, is also creating its opposite, the opposition which the revisionist leadership fears and wants to placate through lies. But to make these lies stick the clique has to "tigthen the screws" a little on people of its revisionist line. Here it comes up against contradictions and is bound to resort to oppression, to violation of every principle and the establishment of fascist violence.

The revisionist policy, the moral-political degeneration and the internal economic defeats have totally eroded the authority and prestige of the Soviet Union in the international arena. The Soviet Union no longer has sincere friends in the world as it had in the time of Lenin and Stalin. The revisionists alienated its friends; revisionists cannot be friends even with one another, just as capitalists cannot be friends with one another. Among them the law of the jungle reigns, the bourgeois interest of enrichment and capitalist domination prevails.

The revisionist satellites put no trust in and have no love for the Moscow revisionists who dominate them. Each side tries to deceive and cheat the other, each tries to use every trick in the bag to swindle the other, is servile when it sees some danger looming somewhere and is ready to do the opposite the next day. Today Novotny is fine for the Soviets, but the next day he is kicked out to make way for Dubcek and later, he, too, is kicked out to make way for Husak. Yesterday Gomulka was a fascist, as Khrushchev himself told us, then for a time he became a Khrushchevite and the purest "pro-Soviet" element. He, too, was kicked out for Gierek, and tomorrow Gierek will be kicked out for someone else. And so on for all of them in turn.

Thus there is nothing friendly about the Soviet policy towards "friends" It is a policy of friendship among wolves, an imperialist policy cloaked with false socialist slogans which no one believes. When the policy of the Soviet revisionists is a chauvinist, imperialist policy towards self-styled sovereign, friendly socialist states, then the nature of their policy towards the peoples of the world who are fighting for freedom and other states can be easily imagined. This is especially so today when the decisive factor in the imperialist-revisionist policy is the capture of world markets, the division of spheres of influence, the policy of the Soviet-American alliance, and the revisionists' mortal fear of an armed confrontation with the United States of America, a thing which has resulted in the revisionists' granting concessions in favour of American imperialism and at the expense of the vital interests of the peoples. All this policy of betrayal of the Soviet revisionists cannot be covered up, and neither can it deceive the bourgeois who support it, because they calculate their profits and losses.

The so-called Soviet economic aid means chains of slavery and exploitation. The economic crisis in the Soviet Union is increasing and becoming more intense, the imperialist clique in power is obliged to invest in other countries and to attract foreign capital in their own country. In this way the Soviet revisionists hope to expand their empire, to link up closely with the big American and world trusts and to come to terms over the further exploitation of the world. The Soviet revisionists think that the interlinking of capital and the monopoly of atomic weapons are the two means which will save them from crises and wars. But in fact they are making the crisis deeper, are preparing the bloody world war together with American imperialism. Nothing can save the revisionists front crisis and defeat.

Their grave was dug in Czechoslovakia and it remains open. A second grave, bigger and more dangerous for them, has been dug: the Polish grave. The Gierek clique is a temporary clique which, even if it plays in both tableaux, will be unable to remain on the throne. The Soviets want a strong fascist clique of theirs in Poland, but it is hard to find one. Thus new disturbances are likely to occur in the future. On the eve of their congress (The 24th Congress of the revisionist party of the Soviet Union was opened on March 30. 1971) the Soviets were obliged to hand out some crumbs to Gierek, who is making speeches and promises that he will find it hard to keep. At the congress Brezhnev must say something just to deceive the unwary, because the policy which he and his henchmen are pursuing is failing in all directions. We are far from the revisionist honeymoon of "steel unity" Revisionist "friends" with gloomy faces will greet the congress.



A foreign military force over 40.000 strong has invaded Laos. The various news agencies say that 30.000 of them are soldiers of the Saigon puppets and 10.000 American soldiers and officers. Their aim is to extend the scope of the aggression, to "Vietnamize" the war, and to attack the "Ho Shih Min", trail which passes through Laos and serves as a supply route for the national liberation war of South Vietnam. The entry of the American-Saigon military forces into Laos also has the major aim of weakening the liberation struggle in South Vietnam and the partisan war in Cambodia and Laos, and achieving some sort of unity and solidarity of the "ballists" (This is what the members of the reactionary organization of Balli Kombetar. which collaborated with the nazi-fascist occupiers in Albania during the National Liberation War, were called) of Indochina, under the direction of the United States of America, against the peoples of both parts of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

In this way American imperialism is involving itself more disastrously in the war and will certainly suffer overwhelming defeats. There can be no more hope for it. The more it escalates and extends its aggression, the more defeat becomes imminent and inevitable for it and its, puppets. The attacks it is launching are nothing but hopeless efforts it is forced to make in an attempt to get out of the difficult situation it is in. Blood-thirsty American imperialism cannot withstand people's wars. The bombing of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam for three years on end brought it no success; against villages and partisan units which are launching fierce and incessant attacks on airstrips and in the jungle, it will be even less successful.

Nevertheless, the Americans are accompanying the operations in Laos and Cambodia with the recommencement of the bombing of North Vietnam. They have also announced the landing of fresh amphibious forces at the 17th parallel allegedly to reinforce the border between the two Vietnams and to prevent the "North-Vietnamese military forces" from crossing the border and coming to the aid of the forces in the South.

The other side of the medal: the great and continuous betrayal by the Soviet revisionists, their secret and open collaboration with American imperialism on the Vietnamese question, must be seen in the light of these developments.

The Soviet revisionists directed their whole policy and all their efforts to quelling the liberation war in Vietnam, to making the Vietnamese capitulate to the Americans, reach a compromise and enter into negotiations with them...

As a result of many secret Soviet-American deals, the Americans had, they say, given some sort of undertaking that they would stop the bombing of North Vietnam. "A great victory has been achieved," shouted the Soviets. They thought that heaven was within their reach., that now everything would be accomplished as they desired and the secret plan would be easily applied, until the Americans would leave Vietnam "of their own free will". Thus, they set out with great zeal on the opportunist course of bargainings and talks with the Americans...

The fact is that during these "famous" talks... Nixon did his bit, declaring that he would allegedly withdraw from Vietnam, leaving the Vietnamese to fight Vietnamesc. And in order to deceive the American public he did withdraw a minimal contingent of forces from South Vietnam.

This whole manoeuvre was in favour of the Americans, and for them everything went on as before. Why? The American imperialists needed a pause in the fighting and this they gained. During this period, while enganing in empty talk and palaver, they reorganized, trained and built up the army of Saigon to the point that it was capable of dispatching a force 60-70 thousand strong from Vietnam to invade Cambodia and Laos, attack the partisan forces and endanger their supply routes to the South.

This is the result, also, of the treacherous policy of the Soviet revisionists.




Moscow has announced that Brezhnev is going to visit Belgrade this month. Of course, the situation between the "comrades" will be eased, they will embrace each other. Probably the Soviet Union will accord economic credits to its "southern Slav brothers". There is nothing surprising in this. The Soviets have and will certainly continue to have contradictions with Tito, but these contradictions will not go beyond the usual "pressure and blackmail". The psychosis of an attack of the Soviet Union on Yugoslavia (even Tito himself, who did not believe it, trumpeted this in order to alarm public opinion, to show his determination to maintain his "neutrality" and especially to get credits from his western friends and allies), was blown up by the Rumanians because they were and are more in real danger of some Soviet intervention and, naturally, were interested in linking their fate with that of Yugoslavia.

The contradictions between Tito and the Soviet revisionists have not sprung up today. The Soviets want to have Tito "obedient" to them, but they have not achieved and will not achieve this even after his death, with whatever type of leaders emerge in Belgrade, because Tito has prepared his own followers and even his internal opponents well to prevent them from falling under the tutelage of the Soviet revisionists. He has taught them to eat from any trough and to lean towards and assist the trough which has the greatest amount of food. In this situation the wind which is blowing in Titoite Yugoslavia is not favourable to the Kremlin.

Moscow sees that Tito and Titoism play a role which is advantageous to American imperialism, and this role is to the liking of both Tito and American imperialism. The circumstances are as follows: Nobody else can play the card of "socialism" which Tito plays for the Americans. Both the United States of America and Tito know this, while Tito is also well aware that if he does not play this role and joins the ranks of the Zhivkovs, his "individuality" is finished and his role is finished, too.

The Soviet revisionists are megalomaniacs and worried because they are not achieving this aim. Hence, taking advantage of the chaos and confusion which Titoism has caused in Yugoslavia, they intensified their pressure on it. But, when they did not succeed with blackmail, they changed their tune, softened it, and that is why Brezhnev is going there. This is the more "natural" road. Tito will not make concessions over "principles" in violation of his line, but will make some concessions in minor matters. The Soviets will be well aware that they are concessions in minor matters, but they will shut their eyes to this and will accord credits to "comrade," Tito, because by this means they may penetrate more deeply.

The Rumanians are afraid Tito will leave them in the lurch, but they are wrong, because Tito will defend them, not because of their beautiful eyes, but in the interests of Yugoslavia and to weaken Soviet influence. At present the Soviets' tendency is to reduce the tension in Europe and to exert pressure on the United States of America because they are afraid the Americans might preparations to oppose present Soviet policy is not to aggravate matters with Yugoslavia and Rumania, but to placate them, in order to work for the consolidation of the alliance with the United States of America and prevent its rapprochement with China. If they do not achieve this, the Soviets will work at weakening the positions of the United States of America in France, Bonn, etc., and will make preparations against China. It is in the light of these moves that we must see the visit of Brezhnev to Belgrade and later to France, the visit of Podgorny to Hanoi and that of Kosygin to Canada.



According to news agency reports, the minister of defence of the Soviet Union, Marshal Grechko, arrives in Belgrade today.

- The visits of ministers of war of big imperialist powers to other countries have never enjoyed the support of public opinion, and this visit is just like all the others. Experience has shown that ministers of war are the most uninhibited bearers of the expansionist and adventurous policy, the most zealous inciters and executors of imperialist aggressions and occupations. The Marshal of the Soviet Union. Grechko. too. is notorious in this direction. His name is closely linked with the counter-revolutionary overthrow in the Soviet Union, with the revival and application of the chauvinist policy of imperial Russia, with incitement of the czarist militarist spirit within the country and neo-colonialism and military blackmail abroad.

- Moscow covets the Balkans as a transit road, as a land bridge connecting it with its forces in the Mediterranean, as a desirable base for its expansionist plans in Europe and other continents. Both Soviet and American warships call frequently at the ports on the Yugoslav coast. The visits of these fleets are called friendly visits, but they contain the seed of danger, not only for the peoples of Yugoslavia, but also for all the countries of the Adriatic region.

- In order to put their expansionist and annexationist plans into effect the Soviet revisionist have always used intimidation and blandishments, rubles and tanks. Time has shown that when they talk of peace, they are preparing for war; when they pledge friendship, they are preparing the dagger to stab you in the back; when they offer help, they are thinking about how to strangle you.

- The Albanian people have always been vigilant towards the aims and activities of enemies of their freedom and independence. Neither the American imperialists, nor the Soviet social-imperialists will ever find them unprepared and unarmed.(Comrade Enver Hoxha used these notes in the article "Hands off the Balkans!" published in the newspaper Zeri i popullit dated March 29, 1972).



The offensive of the Vietnamese against the aggressive American armies and their Saigon puppets is progressing successfully. Broad regions and towns are being liberated. The liberation forces are only 10 km from Hue, An loc is encircled and likely to fall, Saigon, also, is being threatened as is the entire defence and strategy of the United States of America and its puppets. They are on the verge of ignominious defeat.

Nixon's "Vietnamization" of the war has suffered the most ignominious defeat. This war is a further brilliant proof that there is no force that can withstand the people's liberation war. In face of the fighting spirit, courage and ability of a people fighting for their own just cause, the enemy will be defeated, even though it may have large forces equipped with the most modem weapons, as the United States of America has. The American demagogy which presents the question as though the Saigon puppets are waging the war, does not hold water. The Vietnamese stooges have been defeated like our ballists who were supported by v the Italian and German occupiers. Their fate is and will always be the same, everywhere and at any time. He who joins and serves the enemy of his own people is condemned to death.

The war against the people of Vietnam is the American's war. They are greatly worried because they are losing the war and they "honour", if they have ever had any. Their defeat in Vietnam increases the peoples' confidence. The American beast is writhing in the Vietnamese agony, but it is struggling to escape from the trap alive, trying to tell the world that it withdrew unscathed and not with its tail between its legs.

Now it has become impossible for the Americans to stay in Vietnam not because they do not want to, but because they cannot. The earth is ablaze under their feet. They employed all means at their disposal, including their allies, the revisionists of Moscow, but to no avail. Now only one road remains open for them "they must capitulate" but they want to keep "a certain hope" alive for the future in Vietnam, at least "to preserve" a contingent of their own men in order to have them in the future government, as contacts, as agents, as saboteurs and diversionists. The United States of America wants to make this strategic withdrawal by imposing its conditions on the heroic fighters of Vietnam from positions of strength. This is the aim of all the current military measures which Nixon is taking, from the bombing of Hanoi, Haiphong, etc., and the mining of the ports of North Vietnam to the secret and open talks which have been and will be held in Moscow between Brezhnev, Kosygin and Nixon.

The blockade of the ports of North Vietnam shows that the United States of America has lost the war on the land. The aerial bombing has proved ineffective because the Vietnamese are used to it and have taken measures to cope with it, therefore the United States of America cannot achieve any tactical or strategic objective in this war by random bombing. The defeated American armies cannot return to Vietnam again: they were there. They fought and were defeated, and if they do return they will be defeated once again. The Saigon puppets are worthless; they are melting away like salt in water. The United States of America and Nixon have lost militarily, but they are also losing heavily politically. The air strikes and the naval blockade are undertaken taken so that the United States of America will win something in the political field. But this is a Pyrrhic victory. The progressive world condemns these aggressive actions of the American imperialists.

The aggressive naval blockade of the Vietnamese ports imposed by Nixon exposed not only him, but also the Soviet revisionists. They have been and are opposed to the liberation war of the Vietnamese people and have striven for compromises and the capitulation of Vietnam to the United States of America. The Soviet revisionists wanted to see the war in Vietnam quelled and their policy of "peaceful coexistence" and "the world without wars and arms" triumph. At a time when the Vietnamese are being martyred, they are trying to emerge as "saviours" and to establish their own hegemony.

It was necessary for them to give the Vietnamese some aid, otherwise their perfidious intentions could not be disguised from the eyes of the peoples and the Vietnamese themselves. All along the Soviet revisionists have had the one unalterable main aim: to try to make the Vietnamese capitulate and, at the same time, create the impression that they were running this war, that the victories of the Vietnamese were their "victories". The present offensive of the Vietnamese, too, is being trumpeted

in the same manner. but this is precisely what is exposing them. Nixon, too, is helping to expose them. "A drowning man clutches at a straw," say the people. And so in order to save his "honour". Nixon is presenting the war of the Vietnamese people as if the Soviets are waging it, that is, as if the United States of America is fighting in Vietnam against the Soviet Union. Consequently, we, the United States of America and the Soviet Union, must "come to terms", to impose order in Vietnam, where "both you, the Soviets, and we, the Americans, have major interests", said Nixon. The two imperialist robbers revealed their bloodstained faces.

It is clear that the United States of America had forewarned the Soviet Union about its blockade of the Vietnamese ports, had sounded out the Soviets on this and was sure they would not make any move, and in fact they did not. The Soviet Union issued a communiqué of "protest" which pleased the United States of America and all its allies rather than frightened them. "We were saved from the armed confrontation between the United States of America and the Soviet Union," shouted all who want to keep the peoples under the fear of war, therefore, according to the Soviet Union, the United States of America and their sycophants this means: "Peoples, do not fight for your liberation, do not anger the great powers, accept their dictate, do as they say, leave them to settle the disagreements, etc.!" This is the vilest strategy and tactics of imperialism and social-imperialism in order to establish their hegemony, to ensure zones of influence, to intimidate the peoples, to suppress them with armed force when the situation is ripe for this and to keep them under the threat of war when they see that they cannot intervene directly.

It is they who create and foster the threat of war for purposes of blackmail, who declare war against peoples, who hatch Lip intrigues among peoples and tell them: "Do not move, because we are protecting you!". The United States of America and the revisionist Soviet Union do not protect any people, they protect their own imperialist interests and sacrifice the vital causes of other peoples to these interests.

Naturally China must not involve itself in this filthy game. But it stepped into this mire in its meetings with Nixon, so it must step back at once while it is still not too late, because if you give the enemy your finger he grabs your hand, your arm and your head. American imperialism is not only the most ferocious enemy, but also one of the cunningest. The Chinese thought that by meeting Nixon they would gain face on both sides, but in fact they lost face on both sides, and now they are in a very difficult position. Look at what Nixon is doing. The same as before. Then, will China fight him or will it proceed on the course of friendship with him? You can't dance on a tight rope. Let Tito and others of his ilk, enemies of Marxism-Leninism and servants of a hundred imperialists, play that role.

As regards our stand, we will not waver from our course even if the mountains and the heavens fall on our heads, because ours is the correct Marxist-Leninist course.

MONDAY MAY 22, 1972


Moscow welcomes the American "hawk", Nixon, and justifies this shameful tragedy with the so-called policy of Leninist co-existence.

Lenin, allegedly, has taught these new imperialists to form friendships and alliances, to divide and dominate the world with the imperialists, colonialists, and the permanent executioners of peoples, the oppressors of their freedoms, the plunderers of the riches and independence of other countries. What perfidy! What betrayal!

Before he left for Moscow, Nixon mined the Vietnamese ports and coastal waters, is savagely bombing Vietnam, and is continuing the most barbarous war that could be waged. At the peak of this savage activity, this fascist bandit boarded the aircraft and arrived in Moscow where the Soviet traitors welcomed him at the airport. The anthem of the Soviets, that anthem which led the liberation war, was played for him. The guns which destroyed the Nazi beast fired again, this time to salute a second Hitler, who has been attacking the heroic people of Vietnam with guns, with bombs, with napalm, with machine-guns, and every type of weapons twenty four hours after twenty four hours, for years on end. This is how far the revisionist traitors, who are shaking hands with and smiling on the hangman, who are eating and drinking with him, who are plotting with him at the expense of the other peoples to divide !he world between themselves, have gone in their cynicism.

The murderer of Vietnamese children will certainly visit schools and nurseries of Soviet children, will bare his teeth at them in his cynical smile, will shake the hands and pat the cheeks of the grand-children of those heroes who hurled themselves into the fiercest battles which history has known, against capitalism and world imperialism. Now the new Kornilov, the new Denikin with the face of Nixon, strolls in Moscow and the Kremlin, surrounded with honours by the new Trotskyites and Bukharinites.

At the sumptuous banquet in the Kremlin, Nixon spoke "about peace, freedom, coexistence and the friendship between the United States and the Soviet Union". He said, "We are opening a new page for mankind," and did not fail to stress, "We, the biggest states of the world, must ensure that the small states moderate their feelings" It could not be put more clearly: "We must put down the revolution in the world, we must keep the peoples under rein, and they must do what we want and what we order". And Nixon uttered these words in the Kremlin where the great Lenin worked and fought at the head of the Bolsheviks, in the Kremlin where the proletarian revolution seethed.

Now the counter-revolution prevails in this Kremlin and Nixon, linked arm-in-arm with the new Kerenskys, visits the tomb of Ivan the Terrible, the relics of the Czars, the cellars where the treasures are stored. The Mausoleum of Lenin is silent, but Lenin is not dead, Leninism is alive. Today or tomorrow, it will sweep away all this vileness, too, which will be routed and crushed by the proletarian revolution. The betrayal will be smashed.

With the greatest shamelessness, Podgorny said explicitly in his speech, "We desire that tension in the world should be reduced," that is, that the revolution should die down, that the peoples should not rise for their rights.

Podgorny openly demanded from the United States of America: "We must avoid war between the two of us; as for the other things we can regulate them and reach agreement between ourselves". Clearly this means division of spheres of influence in the world between the United States of America and the Soviet Union. Podgorny asserted openly that "up till now the Soviet-American collaboration has been in favour of peace", hence, the war against individual peoples on the part of these two superpowers is not important, because for them this is a normal and necessary thing.

Meanwhile the friend of the Soviet revisionists, Nixon, openly threatened the peoples with the atomic bomb, saying, "We, the great powers, must exercise self-restraint in the use of the nuclear weapons, because we might come to the point of a head-on clash." This means: "You other peoples restrain yourselves in your demands, listen to us, the great powers, take us as your arbiters, make us your judges to settle your problems, and don't raise obstacles that will make us take off our wigs, because in that case we shall destroy the whole world," Such is the threat that Nixon and the Soviet counter-revolutionaries are making to the peoples of the world.

"A new century is being ushered in," said Nixon about the present Moscow meeting. This is the challenge which world capitalism, headed by American and Soviet imperialism, is throwing down to the proletariat, the peoples and the revolution. The peoples, the Marxist-Leninists, the revolutionaries will fight on to total victory over the enemies.

And while Nixon and Brezhnev are plotting tête-à-tête in Moscow, China is saying nothing at all about these problems, but is maintaining a policy of total silence, while the Vietnamese are continuing their offensive successfully. Bravo to the Vietnamese heroes!